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What is HDR on iPhone Camera

By Lois Green, Wednesday, March 23, 2016

As we've mentioned earlier, HDR mode is one of the tricks for taking great photos with iPhone. But how much do you know about HDR and how can you use it to take better photos?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it is designed to improve the quality of the photos we take by increasing their dynamic range. How does it work? It works by capturing three different exposures of the same images and then combining them into a single image. Although this feature can be really helpful in some situations, it doesn't mean that you should always use it when snapping a picture. So when should you use it in photos? How to shoot a HDR photograph with your iPhone camera? Let's find out together.

When You Should Use HDR

Try HDR for close-ups and outdoor portraits.

The HDR images look crisper and their colors appear much richer than the normal photo. Here's an example:

Use HDR in Outdoor Portraits

Use HDR in low-light and backlit scenes.

If your scene has too much backlight, your photo will look a little too dark. The HDR mode can brighten up the foreground without washing out the well-lit portions of your photo. Here's an example:

Use HDR in Low-Light and Backlit Scenes

When You Shouldn't Use HDR

• Don't use HDR for moving objects or when you're moving – avoid increasing the chance of a blurry photo.

• Don't use HDR when shooting in direct sunlight or near a bright, sunlit window.

• Don't use HDR for scene with vivid colors. HDR can wash them out. Here's an example:

Do Not Use HDR

How to Shoot an HDR Photograph with iPhone

1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

2. At the top center of the preview screen, you'll see a button that reads "HDR Off". Tap on it and the button turns into yellow and reads "HDR On".

3. Choose your subject and tap on focus manually. You can adjust the exposure of your photo by swiping up and down with the bar in the focus box.

4. When you are ready, click on the shutter to snap a picture.

Turn on HDR

As cool as it is, HDR mode can make great difference. Of course we just show you the basic HDR function in your iPhone's camera. If you would like to explore more about HDR photography you can try the HDR apps from the app store. Feel free to leave messages in the comments with you your own HDR shooting tips and tricks or HDR app recommendations.

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