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How to Use Burst Mode on iPhone Camera

By Lois Green, Thursday, March 31, 2016

Have you guys tried to capture a moving object with your iPhone camera but you're just a little too late or too early then you missed the perfect moment? Capturing the action at just the right moment could be really difficult, isn't it? But this problem can be solved easily if you know how to use burst mode in your iPhone.

Bust mode is a camera feature that first came with the iPhone 5s running iOS 7. It allows users to take more than 10 photos per second so as to get the perfect shot. It's a feature that comes in handy for iPhone photographer to shoot moving subjects. Here's how to use Burst mode on iPhone camera.

How to Use iPhone Camera in Burst Mode

1. Launch the Camera app on your iPhone. Please note that the Burst Mode only works when you're using the Photo or Square setting. So swipe left or right to get the proper setting.

2. In the Photo mode, for example, please focus on the subject you would like to shoot, and then hold down on the shutter button to capture 10 frames a second. At this time you will hear a rapid series of the familiar shutter sound.

Capture Photo in Burst Mode

3. Release the shutter button when you finished capturing.

4. That's it. Now you've got a bunch of photos saved automatically into your Camera Roll. Go to the Photo app and view the photos captured in burst mode.

5. Tap on Choose Favorites at the bottom, and then scroll through all the photos and tap the blue checkmark on each photo you'd like to keep. When you finished, tap Done.

Choose Favorite Burst Mode Photo

6. You will be asked to decide whether to "Keep Everything" or "Keep Only (number) Favorites".

Keep Everything: Keep all the photos taken in burst mode.

Keep Only Favorites: Remove the unlike photos, and only keep the ones that you want to store.

Keep Favorite Burst Mode Photo

With the burst mode in your iPhone camera, you will never miss the perfect shot again. As always, if you have anything to add, such as a comment or question, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

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