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iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Should I Upgrade?

By Lois Green, Tuesday, June 14, 2016

With the unveiling of iOS 10, some Apple fans upgrade their iPhone to iOS 10 beta at top speed, while others hesitated. Should you upgrade your iOS device to iOS 10? I cannot give you the exact answer, but now I will compare iOS 10 with iOS 9. Hopefully, this post can give you some clues.

Apple claims iOS 10 is its biggest iOS release ever. Is that true? How does iOS 10 differ from the iOS 9 currently running on your iPhone or iPad? without further ado, let's have a look.

iOS 9 VS iOS 10

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Compatibility

The compatibility of iOS 10 is one of the most concerned topic for iOS users. Many people ask questions like "Can I install iOS 10 on iPhone 4s or iPhone 5." My answer is that you can install iOS 10 on iPhone 5 but not iPhone 4s. iOS 10 ends support for iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, and fifth-generation iPod Touch which can run iOS 9. Here is the iOS 10 supported devices compatibility list: (official)

iOS 10 Compatibility

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Lock Screen

In iOS 10, Apple redesigned the lock screen and home screen. From the lock screen, Apple has given users the ability to respond to messages and receive data from apps without the need to unlock the device. The bad site is that much of this feature is tied into the pressure sensitive 3D Touch which can only found on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at the moment. Another change we should notice is that in iOS 10 we press the Home button to unlock the phone instead of sliding from left to right in iOS 9.

Lock Screen

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Messages & Emojis

For me, the refinement of Messages App is the most exciting new feature. The iOS 10 Messages app is completely new with changes to bigger Emoji, bubble effects, stickers and more.

iOS 10 Message App

iOS 10 Emoji

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Siri

For the first time, Apple gives developers access to Siri with iOS 10. This big progress hints that you can "ask" Siri do more thing, such as "Siri, send a WhatsApp to Lois" or "Siri, summon a rideshare for me."


iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Photos App

In iOS 9, the Photos app offers some location and data searches. In iOS 10, you will be able to search for a person or for a scene because Photos in iOS 10 will be able to recognize faces, objects, places, and all that good stuff. With a new Memories tab, Photos in iOS 10 will be further helpful with its automatic slideshow creation tool, which will mash-up contextually-similar photos and videos and automatically edit them into a short video.

iPhone Photos

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Control Center

In iOS 10, swipe up from the bottom, you can bring out Control Center as usual, but the interface is more beautiful than that of iOS 9. The Control Center is now comprised of two panes - one with toggles and one with music controls. Its design also features bubbles. There is a third Control Center Tab if you are using the new Home app - shortcuts for your home accessories.

Control Center

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: The All New Home App

Apple introduced a new app called Home with iOS 10. The Home app will act as a one-stop hub for all of a user's HomeKit-enabled products, including connected thermostats, locks, lighting, security cameras, and more. Sounds good? No, I don’t have any HomeKit-enabled products.

iOS 10 Home App

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Remove Stock Apps

Aside from the new features of Message App, this is another point that make me excited. This was not mentioned at WWDC oddly enough. However, Users who have managed to get their hands on the preview of iOS 10 have discovered that they are able to delete stock apps the same way you would normal apps. I can free up more space for my 16 GB iPhone now.

Uninstall Stock App

Apple has also improved the Maps, News, Music and other apps in iOS 10. Personally, I welcome all these new features come to my iPhone 6s. What’s your opinion?

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