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What If Software Update Failed in Upgrading iOS 10

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Note: If you upgraded your device to iOS 11 and it failed, this tip would be helpful.

Recently, Apple users flock to download iOS 10 beta 3 on their iOS devices. However, when upgrading their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to iOS 10, some users are frustrated by the "Software Update Failed" error. After the uses click "Agree" on the terms and conditions page of the OTA update, the "Software Update Failed" error message pops up. From the screenshot of the error message below, we can see that there is no more explanation about the error other than "An error occurred downloading iOS 10". So what on earth is going wrong when the error happens? And what should we do when software update failed in upgrading iOS 10?

Software Update Failed in Upgrading iOS 10

Why Software Update Failed

Though there is no official explanation given by Apple about why software update failed, it is speculated that the error comes up possibly because the installation and authentication servers of Apple are failed to take up so many download requests simultaneously. That is to say, some users experience the error when too many users try to upgrade iOS 10 at the same time. In fact, the same error had happened to some users last year when they are upgrading iOS 9. Therefore, this is probably a problem that Apple should pay attention to. Before Apple actually works on the problem, we have solutions that may help with the error.

What to Do When Software Update Failed

Solution 1 Check the Network Connectivity

First of all, make sure there is nothing wrong with the network connection on your iOS devices. Try to reboot your device and restart your Wi-Fi router. After that, if the "Software Update Failed" problem continues, you can try resetting network settings on your device. Tap on "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings", the device will reboot with default network settings. After the device restarts, you can try again to get iOS 10 OTA update.

Reset Network Settings

Solution 2 Upgrading iOS 10 Later

As it is explained above, the error is likely caused by the overload of iOS 10 download requests which are submitted at the same time. Therefore, to avoid the "Software Update Failed" error, you can wait for a few hours until the busy hours have passed.

Solution 3 Using iTunes for iOS 10 Update

Instead of downloading iOS 10 directly via Software Update on your iOS device, you can try upgrading your device to iOS 10 by connecting to iTunes. Like Solution 2, iOS 10 update via iTunes also helps to lighten the burden of the installation and authentication servers of Apple so that the error can be avoided.

iTunes iOS Update

That's all about what to do if you come across the "Software Update Failed" error in upgrading iOS 10. You can find more information about iOS update on our iOS 10 Upgrade topic. For more iOS 10 update errors, find out the solution by clicking the related article below.

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