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How to Install iOS 10 Beta on Your iPhone or iPad Right Now

By Lois Green, Thursday, June 14, 2016

Ok, alright, the long-awaited iOS 10 was finally unveiled at the WWDC 2016 keynote event. The iOS 10 Beta 1 has also been released to developers now. I know, most of you, Apple fans, must be captivated by the exciting new features of iOS 10, such as the smarter Siri, revamped Photos app, iMessages and more. Now, let’s stop just taking the new features, but download and install it immediately.

WARNING: Before update to the beta of iOS 10, you must know that there will be bugs – tons of bugs since it is a very early beta. You may pay the price for the first test. Therefore, we recommend install iOS 10 beta on test device only. Also, here's your iOS 10 device compatibility list.

iOS 10 Compatibility

Part 1: Download iOS 10 Beta 1 - I Have a Developer Account

If you are registered as an Apple developer, you can download the iOS 10 beta 1 for any compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by simply clicking this link to visit the download page on the Apple developer site. If you didn't have an Apple developer Account yet, you can enroll yourself into Apple Developer Program at To be an Apple Developer, you need to pay $99 a year.

Step 1. Login in

If you have an Apple Developer Program membership at hand, login your account using your Apple ID and password.

Login Apple Developer Account

Step 2. Find Out Your Device's UDID Using iTunes

You'll need to add the iOS device's UDID to the developer account. To find the UDID of your device, just connect your iPhone/iPad to iTunes, select it and then click the serial number for it to show the UDID. Copy the UDID.

Find Out iPhone UDID

Step 3. Add The Device UDID to Your Developer Account

From the main Account section of the page, Click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles. From the sidebar, under "Devices", click on 'iPhone' or 'iPad' (depending on your device). Now from right hand panel, click on "+", and then add the UDID of your iOS device.

Step 4. Download iOS 10 Beta

Once the UDID has been added, head to the Resources > iOS > Download section. From here, find you device and click "Download". The IPSW file will start downloading. Please get this step right otherwise the restoration process will fail.

Download iOS 10 Beta

Step 5. Install iOS 10 Beta on your iPhone/iPad

• Before installing, please backup everting on your devices with iTunes or iCloud.

• Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device to computer again.

• Click on the "Restore iPhone" button while holding down the 'Shift' key (Windows) or the left 'Option' key (Mac).

• Select the iOS 10 beta IPSW file you have just downloaded and let iTunes work its magic in upgrading your device.

• Be patient as this could take some time depending on the speed of your computer and the type of device you are installing it on. Once installed, your device will reboot automatically and you'll be greeted with Hello screen of iOS 10. Happy testing!

Part 2: Install iOS 10 Public Beta/Developer Beta without Developer Account

Step 1. Find and Download an iOS 10 Profile

The first thing you need to do is find and download the iOS 10 software profile on the Internet. You can go to Apple website and log in to your Apple ID on iPhone/iPad. Then, scroll down to click the blue "Download Profile" button.

Step 2. Install the Profile

When you are at "Install Profile"  screen on your iPhone, you will be asked if you want to install the profile for your iPhone. Hit "Install" to get it.

Insatll iOS 10 Beta

Step 3. Download iOS 10 Beta

Your iPhone will reboot and then you can go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and then you can download the 1.9GB file. Once it downloads it will verify the update and reboot the iPhone to install. Note: During the process, you may need to agree to a few screens. When your iPhone reboots, it should now show you iOS 10.

Upgrade to iOS 10 Beta

After installing iOS 10 on your phone, please tell us your experience in the comments below. As for me, it is really fantastic in using iMessages.

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