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iPhone Photographers You Should Follow On Instagram

By Lois Green, Monday, March 28, 2016

Instagram is the most popular and dedicated photo-sharing and photo-editing site on the web. It's a platform that you can easily find well-crafted and impressive images. Most amazingly, many talented and creative iPhone photographers love to share their work with their followers and meanwhile provide inspiration for other photography lovers. If you are also a fan of iPhone photography, you should definitely get the app which is free and awesome. Once you join the community, here is a list of 6 iPhone photographers on Instagram you should check out and follow:

1. Eric Ward

Eric Ward is good at capturing breathtaking photos of landscapes and nature, including sunsets, animals, forest, water and open fields. His biggest inspiration for iPhone photography comes from his three children. You can learn more about his iPhone landscape photo by following his Instagram.

iPhone Photographers Eric Ward

2. Kevin Russ

If you love travelling and taking photos on the go, then follow Kevin Russ. He has made many beautiful shots on his way to South America on his iPhone and he will continue to update his Instagram with more amazing pictures along the way.

iPhone Photographers Kevin Russ

3. Savad Mon

Savad Mon has a great eye for shooting a wide variety landscapes such as lakes, beaches, mountains, sunsets, large open fields and occasional cityscapes. You will find a deeply peaceful sensation and a timeless feel in all of his photos.

iPhone Photographers Savad Mon

4. Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park

How to take good photo of food with your iPhone? If you need more inspiration, then check out the "foodstagram" from Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park. They are experts of capturing all kinds of food with iPhone. I can't help having my mouth watering when enjoying his photos.

iPhone Photographers On Instagram

5. Conor MacNeill

Do you like to discover different cultures and scenes from all around the world? If you do, then Conor MacNeill would be a must-follow iPhone photographer on Instagram. Now he has traveled to more than 50 countries and has created a large proportion of Instagram shots with his iPhone.

iPhone Photographers Conor MacNeill

6. Dan Cole

What can you find in Dan Cole's Instagram? There are images of buildings, bridges, and other unique and interesting scenery. His iPhone photos which capture the beauty of architecture provide you with a chance to appreciate the beauty in things that you might barely notice in everyday life.

iPhone Photographers Dan Cole

If you haven't downloaded Instagram on your iPhone 6s/6/5s, do it now. You can follow the great iPhone photographers I've covered up in this article or you can discover for yourself the incredible iPhone photographer active in the community. Let us know your favorite photographer on Instagram in the comments.


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