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Google Photos: Free and Unlimited Storage Memory for Photos and Videos

By Elsie Wesley, Monday, February 29, 2016

As the rapid development of Android phone, the popularity of photography is soaring. If you are interested in snapping photos, if your girl loves taking selfies, or if you keep recording the growth of your child with the Android camera, you will need an unlimited storage memory for your photos. Moreover, the storage memory must be safe enough for your backup. In this case, some would like to backup anything with NAS, USB, etc. The flaw of these tools, which we cannot ignore, is the spotty quality. Once the hard disk is broken or damaged, you will lose your files. As for me, I prefer a cloud storage tool. And Google Photos is my top choice. Now, let's start a tour of Google Photos.

Backup Photos onto Free and Unlimited Storage

Compare with many other cloud storage tools, what distinguishes Google Photos should be the unlimited storage memory, on which you upload and store photos for free. With Google Photos, there is no need to worry about the memory space.

Undoubtedly, it is free. But it is only available for high-quality photos. When uploading photos, you will be asked to choose how you want to upload photos & videos. If you select "High Quality", the great visual quality at reduced file size, you can enjoy free unlimited storage. Otherwise, if you choose "Original", full resolution that counts against your quota, you are merely provided with 15 GB free storage.

Backup Photos onto Free and Unlimited Storage

Easily Edit and Share What You Like

In addition to the unlimited storage memory, Google Photos boasts powerful editing tools. On Google Photos, you can edit the photos online. It is available to crop, add filter, and adjust your photos in your browser. And you can share lots of photos at once, even with people who don't have the app. And you can share files with your friends by sharing links.

Easily edit and share what you like

Automatically Organized Your Album

Google Photos are so smart that it can recognize every face in the album. And it is able to orderly organize your pictures automatically. So you can see all your photos organized by people, place, and settings without manually processing them. Just search by what you remember about a photo, even without description.

Automatically Organized Your Album

Strongly and Automatically Searchable

Besides, you can input a keyword to find a photo. For example, if you enter "dog", Google will extract all photos of a dog from the heaps of items. You can search with various languages, for example, English, Chinese, and more.

Strongly and Automatically Searchable

So, this is Google Photos. If you want free and unlimited storage memory for photos and videos, sigh up a Google account and have a try.


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