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How to Enable the Camera Grid on Your iPhone

By Lois Green, Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Have you used your friend's iPhone to take photos and noticed that the screen was dividing into nine squares? Do you wonder why your iPhone don't show you this while shooting pictures?

Actually, this is due to the "Grid" option you can enable on your iPhone camera. The iPhone camera grid overlay not only helps in composing shots based on the Rule of Thirds, but it do good for taking level shoots of things like landscapes and seascapes. So if you want to turn on the gird on your iPhone 6s/6/5s, you can follow the tutorial below.

How to Turn On Camera Grid on iPhone

1. Open Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down to the Photos & Camera option and tap on it.

3. Under the Camera section, toggle on the Gird button.

Enable Grid on iPhone

4. Now, go back to the camera app and you should see the lines on the screen. Surely, the grid won't show up in any of your pictures. It’s merely there to help you compose your shot.

Grid iPhone Camera

Tips: To shoot a photo depending on The Rule of Thirds, you should make sure that the main subject is placed on the 4 points of intersections in the center or along the lines.

Using grid lines can solve some of compositional problems you encountered when taking photos, but it may not be a solution for everyone. Keep in mind that all rules are meant to change. Just be creative and don't limit yourself.

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