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How to Edit Photos within Android Gallery

By Elsie Wesley, Sunday, March 27, 2016

A photography masterpiece is greatly associated with a high-end camera, perfect perspective, a powerful photo editing tool, etc. Amongst them, photo editing tool is a significant factor that makes a photo successful. Although there are various editing apps that help you beautify Android pictures, you cannot neglect the most basic tool equipped in the Android gallery. In this post, we will take Samsung Galaxy S5 as an example and show you how to edit photos within Android gallery.

Note: First of all, select a photo from the gallery. Then tap the Edit button/icon.

Part 1. Rotate Android Pictures

Choose the "Adjustment" command. You can edit the picture by rotating, cropping, and resizing it.

Edit Command

1. Rotate: You can rotate your Android picture, for example, you can rotate the picture and turn it 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. And you can even mirror the image if you want.

2. Crop: You can crop the picture at a ratio of 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9 so that you can remove the part you don’t want anymore.

3. Resize: If the size of the image is too large or too small, you can resize it according to your need. Tap the "Resize" button. Then you can pinch in/ out to customize the size.

Resize Android Photos

Part 2. Adjust the Tone of the Image

The gallery editor allows you to change the tone of the picture. You can adjust the color balance by changing the saturation and hue. And you can brighten the picture to a certain extend. Other options like "Contrast", "Red", "Green" and "Blue" are used to change the color of the picture.

Adjust the Tone of Android Image

Part 3. Add Effect to Android Picture

There are various effects you can add to your photos, including tint, vintage, light flare, light streak, and more. Different effects will add different tone to your picture. After selecting the effect you like, tap the "DONE" and save the picture.

Add Effect to Android Picture

Part 4. Beautify Portrait

The built in photo editor also allows you to simply beautify the portrait, for instance, remove red-eye, brighten face, airbrush, and out-of-focus.

Beautify Portrait

1. Remove red-eye: This feature is designed to get the portrait rid of red-eye problem. What you need to do is tap on the subject’s eyes. The editor will help you remove the red-eye.

2. Brighten Face: Maybe the picture is taken in low-light. In this case, brightening face will make the subject more vigorous.

3. Airbrush: Airbrush is a widely used tool in PS. Now this feature is applied to the built-in photo editor. This is used to perfect the skin. So it can give a flawless appearance and to make us look good.

4. Out-of-focus: If you can to blur the background and stress the person in the picture, you can use this feature. Select Out-of-focus and select the area you want to stress. The editor will make the unselected area out-of-focus.

Beautify Portrait

Brighten Face

Part 5. Decorate Pictures

The decoration feature allows you to add sticker, stamps, label, frame, drawing and even an image to the picture.

Decorate Pictures

For example, you can type the label and paste it anywhere in the picture. And the label can be manually rotated.

Add Label

Save the picture when you finishing editing it. Now you can upload your photo to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

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