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Direction of SD Card Files Category

By Elsie Wesley, Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Generally, phone internal memory is limited. Most Android users insert a SD card into their phone for more storage space so that they can install applications and store backup files. Nonetheless, this will accompany problems. If you do not clear or wipe the cache files in time, it will occupy most room of the SD card. For your convenience, we have systematically sorted out all kinds of folders in the SD card.

Part 1: Folders for System Files

Part 2: Folders for System Tool

Part 1: Folders for System Files

1. .android_secure: a mandatory system folder and should not be removed. It's used for storing data from apps in SD card. If you delete this virtual system partition, some apps will stop working.

2. Android: used to stored important app data, for example, Google map cache. If it is removed, you need to re-download the maps.

File Category: Android

3. backups: includes important backup files, for example, contacts exported.

File Category: backups

4. bugtogo: for error reports of Android system.

5. data: a cache folder, which is similar to the folder "Android". For example, screenshots are stored in "data\\screenshots".

6. LOST.DIR: for lost and error files. It would automatically generate when being deleted.

7. SystemAppBackup: for category of backup files when they are exhaustively deleted.

8. bugreports: for compatibility error reports when upgrading system or flashing ROM.

9. .keepsafe: for encrypted files and hidden software.

10. .thumbs: for data that generates when using an app or a folder and record of times you use the app. You need to frequently clear it, or it will occupy the storage memory.

11. openfeint: an add-on that tracks high scores for the registered apps/games. Removing it might remove your highscore records on your phone, reducing your bragging rights. But other than that, if you are not concerned deleting your scores, then you may remove it.

12. com: for contents generated by a player. It can be used to feed back or deleted.

13. Download(download): The folder "Download" is for files downloaded from the Internet while the folder "download" for contents transferred via Bluetooth and so on.

Part  2:  Folders for System Tool

1. albumart: for the cover image of music album.

2. albums: for thumbnail image of your gallery.

3. cmp: for cache music.

4. Playlist: cache data of your playlist.

File Category: Playlists

5. DCIM: cache data of the camera which should be cleared regularly.

File Category: DCIM

6. My documents: for program log files which occupy much space. Clear it regularly.

7. .nomedia: for hidden audios and image folders.

8. media: for log files of phone call recorder and online media files.

9. .medieval_software: for Log files of Bluetooth.

10. extracted: for content of extract application.

You can clear your Android storage memory under the instruction. Pay attention to all significant folders in your device and never wrongly delete it.


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