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How to Use Composition to Take Good Photos with Android

By Elsie Wesley, Friday, April 08, 2016

If you have an excellent photo taking skill, you can save time from editing photos with photo beautifying apps or Photoshop afterwards. However, why can a professional photographer take great pictures without post processed even if he/she is using an Android smartphone? The key is that he/she knows about composition rule.

1. Rule of Thirds

Nowadays, most camera app or built-in camera provides us with the rule of thirds grid so that we can put the important elements along the lines or the points intersected by these 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines.

Rule of Thirds

However, if the object you want to capture only lies on one line of the rule of thirds grid, you can find something less important remotely to fill the space so that you can balance the "weight" of the photo and those who see the photos won't feel it off-center.

=Composition Balance Weight

2. Leading Lines

By including leading lines in your photos, you can affect the way people view the image. You can use different types of line, straight, diagonal, zigzag, curvy and radial like rivers, road and street. This can enhance your photography composition and catch the eyes of people who look at it.

=Leading Lines

3. Break Symmetry

Symmetry is everywhere in our world. When you want to take a picture of the symmetric object, you can try putting something different such as the plants, flower basket and more into the picture to break the symmetry. This will also catch one's attention with ease to show your audience where you want them to focus on.

=Composition Break Symmetry

4. Higher and Farther View Point

If all the pictures are shooting from eye level, they will looks featureless and less attractive. Why not try somewhere high above, from the back, from a long way away and more. This will be extraordinary.

=Higher and Farther View Point

5. Framing

Photo frame are used to beautify photos and emphasize the content of the pictures. When take picture with our Android phone, we can also use the natural scene to frame our photo. Like the sample below, the surrounded mountains and the beach are the best component of the picture, framing this photo and emphasize the horses which are drinking water.


6. Try Again and Again

By taking picture with our Android phone, we don't need to worry about the film processing cost. We can take as much photos as we want and then check and delete those you are not content with afterwards.

Composition Try Again and Again

After trying these few tips and tricks, do you notice that the photos that you take with your Android phone look better and like a masterpiece from the professional photographer? You can try some photo editing app for Android to beautify it and share it now.

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