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Way to Blur iPhone Photos Background with AfterFocus

By Lois Green, Friday, March 25, 2016

Yes, taking and sharing photos is a delight which we all enjoy on our iPhone. But for those of you who play active role on social networking websites, simply taking or sharing photos are not enough. You might need to add various effects including filters, stickers, etc. to the pictures. And the Blur background effect is a popular one among them.

The use of blurred-translucent backgrounds gives us a sense of professional looking and DSLR-ly feel. To help you achieve it easily, here we recommend an app called AfterFocus. It's a great specialization app that you must have in your iPhone. It lets you add depth of field lens effect to images, and allows you to draw out where you want your image to remain sharp/slight blur/strong blur. Now let's see how to blur iPhone photos background with it.

1. Launch AfterFocus, and then take a photo using your built-in camera or select an existing photo from an album to begin.


2. Once you pick a picture off the gallery, the app will ask you "Which method do you prefer to select the focus area". We click on "Manual" in this guide.

3. Then you will see a few tools at the bottom of the interface: Focus, Mild, Background, Pan & Zoom and Brush Size. Tap on Focus, and start painting and mark the area that you want to stay in focus with the brush. You can choose the size of the brush from the Brush Size button and four sizes are available: small, medium. large and extra-large.

Select Focus Area

4. Now you can use the Pan & Zoom button to zoom the picture and erase the over spillage from the focus area with the background tool (eraser). After that, press the arrow in the upper right corner and move on.

Erase Pictures

Tip: When you capture the photos and zoom in, the images become blurred. Actually, most of cameras of phones do not own optical zoom so while zooming my camera I can see blur in the images. Thus, do not worry about that since it is a common problem in lots of phone cameras.

5. Almost done! You can now click on the Blur button and select the blur effects: Lens Blur or Motion Blur to create the effect. The bottom toolbar lets your control the amount of blur applied to the background. You can also pick the aperture shape and add filters. Here's what you got when it's finished.

Blur iPhone Photo Background

AfterFocus is simple-to-use and one of the best blurring apps around! It's always my first choice too. Recently we've published a series of articles about taking and editing iPhone photos, such as remove unwanted objects in iPhone photos or combine multiple photos into one. If you missed them, then read it now. Hope you will find them useful!

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