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How to Back Up and Restore Media Files on Samsung

By Carrie Murray, Saturday, September 23, 2017

When it comes to backup and restore system, Android lags behind a little compared with Apple. As a result, there are many solutions developed to fill in the gap. The solution that we are going to talk about today is especially designed for Samsung users - the Samsung Kies. And we'll focus on one of the most common situation: backing up and restoring media files on Samsung via Kies.

Actually, there are two ways to back up and restore media files on Samsung Kies: using "Backup/Restore" feature, or simple saving the files on computer.

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Method 1 Backup/Restore Samsung Media Files

Step 1 Connect Samsung to PC

Launch Samsung Kies on your PC and connect your Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6/Note 3/Note 4/Note 5 to the computer by USB connection. On the homepage, click "Backup/Restore" tab.

Kies Backup Restore Tab

Step 2 Backup Videos, Music and Photos

From the content list, tick "Videos", "Music", "Photos" and "Ringtone." If you would like to back up the video subtitles, also select "Miscellaneous content files". And then start to back up the files by clicking "Backup" button on the top.

Kies Choose Media File to Backup

Tip: You should notice that if the photos or videos on your Samsung is locked, the Kies can not detect the locked files. So please unlock the photos or videos previously if you want to back up these files.

Step 3 Restore Videos, Music and Photos

To restore the media files, choose "Restore data" in "Backup/Restore" section. According to the backup date, choose the backup file that you need. And if you like, you may restore part of the backup file by selecting the specific file type. At last, click "Restore" button and get the media files back to your Samsung. The restoration will be complete in seconds.

Kies Restore Media File

Method 2 Save Samsung Media Files on PC

You can also make a copy of your Samsung media files by saving the files on PC. Compared with the "Backup/Restore" feature, this method allows users to select the files individually.

Step 1 Save Media Files on PC

Under the connected device, choose "Music", "Photos" or "Videos" playlist to view the media files on your Samsung phone. To photos or videos, you can either view the files in list or in thumbnails gallery. Tick the media files you need, and click "Save selected music/photos/videos to PC" to make a backup of the chosen media files.

Save Media File on PC

Step 2 Add Media Files to Samsung

To restore the backed up media files to your Samsung phone, click "Add" button on "Music", "Photos" or "Videos" playlist, and choose the files from computer folder. The backup files will be retrieved to your phone.

Add Media File to Samsung via Kies

Tip: It is recommended to put all backup media files in the same folder named as something like "Samsung S5 media files" so that you can find the files easily when restoring the backup files.

Samsung Kies doesn't support the newest models like Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge. Therefore, if you are using these new models, you may try to back up media files with FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore. Better than Samsung Kies, the FonePaw software:

  • Works perfectly with all mainstream Android brands including HTC, LG, Google Nexus, Moto, and more.

  • Protects your backup contents with customized password.

  • Does a backup without network can be done.

  • Creates a smaller size of backup files so that it won't take up too much space.


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