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Use Kies to Backup/Restore Apps and Setting on Galaxy S/Note

By Carrie Murray, Friday, September 09, 2016

Samsung users can backup Galaxy S/Note series devices by multiple approaches, including using Backup and Reset feature on the devices, backing up to Samsung account/Google account, backing up files and media to Dropbox. However, none of these approaches enable users to backup and restore apps and settings on their Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7/Note 3/Note 4/Note 5. Samsung Kies, which is designed for linking Samsung phone to desktop computer, is here to fill the need.

With Kies, you can back up applications that you have downloaded on the phone, as well as the preference data that you have set up, such as Home Screen image, Lock Screen, volume, ringtone, screen brightness and more. Whenever you need the backup files, you feel free to restore the apps and settings to your Samsung phone in one click. Here is the tutorial with specific steps about how to back up and restore apps and setting using Kies.

Note: The tutorial is applies to Samsung Kies 3, which is applicable to Samsung devices running on Android 4.3 or above. The earlier version, Kies doesn't support apps and settings backup.

Use Kies to Backup/Restore Apps and Setting

Step 1 Connect Galaxy S/Note Series Models to Computer

After installing Kies 3 on your computer, connect your Galaxy phone to computer with USB cable, open the Kies 3, and the software will detect your device quickly.

Samsung Kies Homepage

Step 2 Choose Apps and Settings Data to Backup

Click the connected phone, press "Back up/Restore" tab on the top, you'll see all file types that Kies supports to backup. Click "Application" and "Preferences." If you would like to back up certain apps, you can choose the apps by clicking "Select individually" button besides. Also, the preference data is divided into "Home Screen", "Lock Screen" and "Other Preference". Select all or the one you need.

Choose Apps/Settings to Backup via Kies

Step 3 Backup Apps and Settings on Galaxy S/Note

After you have chosen the apps and settings, click "Backup" button on the top to begin the backup process. A pop up window will show the backup progress. You can cancel the backup by clicking "Cancel."

Backup Apps/Settings via Kies

Step 4 Restore Apps and Settings to Galaxy S/Note

Under "Back up/Restore" tab, click "Restore data." Select the backup file you want to restore, the content of the backup file will be displayed, which allows you to further select certain apps or settings that you want to restore. After you have made the choices, click "Restore" button, the apps and settings will be back on your Galaxy S/Note.

Restore Apps/Settings via Kies


  • If you have backed up data on the computer with the previous version of Kies, you can also get the data back by "Find file" button.

  • When the restoration is complete, your Galaxy S/Note may reboot. So no need to panic if it does.

Besides backup data, Samsung Kies can be used to transfer data between computer and mobile phone, upgrade firmware and more.


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