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Android SMS Backup and Restore

By Elsie Wesley, Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sometimes we do not mean to delete stuffs on our gadgets. But the fact is that we do it, accidentally or unconsciously. So we lose our text messages and MMS from our Android phone but have no idea of how to restore them. Emergency always happens. So precaution is necessary. Now we are going to elaborate on an easy method of Android SMS backup and restore which allows you to copy and regain your messages on your Android device with the app called "SMS Backup & Restore".


Before starting, please download and install SMS Backup & Restore  on your Android phone.

Part 1: Backup Android SMS

Open SMS Backup & Restore on your Android phone. Then touch the key "BACKUP". Then, you can select a backup folder to store your SMS backup. Both default internal storage card and custom folder are available. And you can browse and select a folder. After that, hit "OK".

Select Backup Folder
Select Backup Folder

Step 2. Create New SMS Backup

First, you can name your SMS backup according to the modified date or anything else so that you can easily recognize the file. Then touch the key "OK" to start backing up. When backup is complete, tap the "CLOSE" to finish the process.


• You can backup data including MMS messages and emoji/special characters. However, to backup messages including emoji/special characters may result in the backup becoming unusable outside this app.

• You are allowed to selectively backup some of the messages only or backup all conversations with one click.

• You can upload the backup to Google Drive, Dropbox and Email. If not, you can save the local backup to your Android phone only. We recommend the former because you can download and regain your backup if one day your phone get lost or damaged.

Create New Backup
Select Backup Folder

Part 2: Restore Android SMS

With the SMS backup in your Android phone, you can restore your lost messages with ease. If your phone gets lost or damaged, you can download the backup from Google Drive, Dropbox, or Email.

Step 1. Restore Android SMS from Backup

Launch SMS Backup & Restore on your Android phone. Make sure that you have previously backed up your text message and saved the backup in your device. Then select the backup you want from the list.

Select Backup to Restore
Select Backup Folder

Step 2. Start Restoring SMS from Android

Before restoring, you can set whether to restore MMS messages or not. And if you don't want the same messages, select "Do not restore duplicates". Besides, you can select to restore all messages or only messages sent/received since a certain date. After that, tap "OK". When restore is completed, press the button "CLOSE" to end the process.

Restore Completed
Select Backup Folder

Part 3: Alternative to SMS Backup & Restore

Now you can check your text messages and MMS on the Message app. Sometimes the Message app can stop responding after restoring a lot of messages. In such case, restart the phone and keep the messaging app open for a while. If it cannot still work, please find an alternative to SMS Backup & Restore but which one is worth being recommended?

FonePaw Android Data Backup & Restore can do more than what SMS Backup & Restore does, so this tool will be recommended in this case.


Do A Backup For Messages on PC

1. Launch the program on your PC and connect your Android to computer.

2. Choose "One-click Backup" or "Device Data Backup" to save files. "Device Data Backup" offers screen for you to select certain data type so please tick "Messages".

3. You can set a password to protect the backup files. Then the text messages and messages attachments will be saved.

4. Check backup results and preview the details.

Backup Process

Easily Restore SMS on Android

1. Open this program to enter "Backup & Restore" homepage and hit "Device Data Restore".

2. Preview the previous backup files. Just choose one of the backup files to view the backup contents.

3. Choose "Messages" & "Messages Attachments" to check the chat history and restore them to the device with clicking "Restore" button.

Process Process


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