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Best AirDrop Alternatives for Windows, iPhone and Android

By Lois Green, Tuesday, May 16, 2017

AirDrop is an Apple's built-in file sharing feature. It is available on iOS devices running the iOS 7 (and later) operating system as well as laptops and desktops running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and later. If your device meets the demand, you can transfer photos, videos, contacts between Mac and your iOS devices. You can also share files among your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Read more on how to set up and use AirDrop.

Sounds great, isn't it? However, what if you use a Windows PC with an iPhone? What if you are using iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s that Airdrop doesn't support? And what if you have iPhone 6 but the iPad is the first generation? Yes, in these situations, AirDrop cannot help you to transfer files. So the question is: Are there any AirDrop alternatives that can do what AirDrop cannot do?

Part 1: AirDrop Alternatives for Win/Mac

I will introduce one tool that can do what the AirDrop cannot. The FonePaw iOS Transfer can be used to transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, text messages, movies, audiobooks, TV shows, iTunes U, etc. from iPhone, iPad and iPod to your Windows PC in one click. More than just an AirDrop alternative for Windows 7/8/10, iOS Transfer is also an alternative to AirDrop between iPhone and Mac. If you have a Mac computer, you can download FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac) to have a try. The method is simple:

  • When you need to transfer files from iPhone/iPad (iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10) to PC, connect the devices to Windows/Mac PC;

  • Select the target files and export those files to your PC.


FonePaw iOS Transfer

Part 2: AirDrop Alternatives for Android


FileDrop is an application that lets you use local network connection to transfer contents between Windows, Mac computers, and Android and iOS devices. Different from AirDrop, Filedrop also supports transferring data to and from Android and Windows computer. Here is how to use Filedrop to transfer files over Wi-Fi.

1. Download Filedrop application on all your devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android phone.

2. Connect all your devices to the same Wi-Fi connection.

3. After connected to a Wi-Fi connection, get to the device from which you want to transfer the files. Then click on the target device, where you will be sending the files.


FonePaw Mobile Transfer

If you want to transfer data more quickly without network connection, you can use Mobile Transfer to transfer files between iPhone and Android, Android to Android. Unlike FileDrop which needs to be downloaded on all your devices, Mobile Transfer can be installed on just your Windows PC. When you need to transfer data among mobile devices, you can:

  • Connect both your iPhone and Android device to PC via USB cable;

  • Select contacts, photos, or media files to transfer;

  • Click Start Transfer to begin the transferring.


Mobile Transfer

Part 3: AirDrop Alternatives for iPhone/iPad

The FonePaw iOS Transfer mentioned in Part 1 can not only transfer files between iOS devices and Windows PC/Mac, but also be used as an alternative to AirDrop to share files among iOS devices running on iOS 6 to iOS 10. You can transfer media files, contacts, photos, SMS messages, documents between iPhone/iPad with the tool:

  • Connect both your iOS devices to Windows PC/Mac with iOS Transfer installed;

  • Preview and tick all the files that you would like share;

  • Select "Export" to transfer the files to the other device.

Transfer Files Between iOS Devices


There are so many AirDrop alternatives that can transfer files among different devices. FonePaw iOS Transfer is a good choice because it can transfer files between iOS devices, iOS devices to Windows, iOS devices to Mac. And for transferring files between iPhone and Android, Filedrop and FonePaw Mobile Transferare convenient. What's your opinion?


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