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ScreenMo for Android: Android Mirror to PC with Google Cast

  • Wirelessly mirror and record Android screen on PC.
  • Project and record browsers like Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge.
  • Record your gameplay and online course smoothly.

Wirelessly Mirror Android to PC (No Root)

With Google Cast, a projection service, users can mirror their Android phones to PC without root. As long as the android phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as the computer, the phone screen will be displayed on Windows. Now, only Chromecast and Google Pixel phones support the Google Cast service.

Capture Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge

Capture video from the website is a simple task with FonePaw ScreenMo. You can record a website that is playing the online course, gameplay, YouTube video, etc. while browsing other websites or doing anything you want and the recording won't be interrupted. If you are looking for a good chrome video downloader or a Chromecast receiver, ScreenMo would be a good choice.

Output Settings

Before exporting the recording, you can set the output settings depending on your needs.

Hardware Encoder:

It receives an uncompressed video/audio signal, then encodes it into a compressed format, and transmits the compressed data over IP to CDN or decoder. Intel, AMD, and Nividia are the three main hardware encoders. Choose the one that your computer uses.

Scenarios to Use Real-time Mirroring


Mirror and capture gameplay on the PC screen.

Make Presentations

Present your ideas or display your report to the public.

App Tutorials

Demonstrate the steps to use an Application and highlight some points.

Education Videos

Record assignments in details and capture lessons for students.

Record Web Browser

Record online courses, videos, music from Chrome and Microsoft Edge without interruption.

Live Shows

Record the live shows on iPhone/iPad/Android to the computer or from the browsers directly.

User Guide: How to Record Your iOS Screen

Step 1.

Launch ScreenMo on PC.

Step 2.

Make sure your Android and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Then tap Screen Cast.

Step 3.

Mirror and begin to record screen.

Step 4.

Export and save the recording.

What Our Customers Have Said

I use it to record my online course on the website while watching YouTube. It doesn’t interrupt my recording at all!

Used by 90,000+ Customers

379 reviews
FonePaw Review


I mirror my Google Pixel 3 on the computer and the mouse can control my phone! That’s so convenient when I am doing the presentation.

Used by 90,000+ Customers

351 reviews
FonePaw Review


Amazing! I want to project my phone on the computer while playing the game so that my friends can watch it. I am surprised at how smooth it is!

Used by 90,000+ Customers

351 reviews
FonePaw Review


Start Mirror Your Android and Browsers Now!