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  • I love this app

    Ken Ross2015-10-18 11:49:09

    Thank you for your assistance. Obviously, this software is your "baby" and you went well beyond normal service to help. I must tell you, the software works great and the transfer was a piece of cake even for a novice like myself. Yours is a great product and your support is to be commended.

  • satisfied with the transfer speed

    Marivaldo Moses2015-10-24 11:49:28

    I’m satisfied with the high transfer speed, but what is really impressive is that this software allows me to transfer both the music purchased from Apple Store and those I ripped from CD. iTunes never let me do this.

  • a good and top program

    Richard Waldron2015-10-30 19:49:48

    Thanks. I have organised my camera roll into albums by transferring everything to my pc, then creating indidivual albums and filling them my photos, thats good.

  • Thank you for the license code

    John Escalante2015-11-02 08:50:09

    I love your product and you have made me a very very happy man!

  • supports my new iPhone

    Ron Milner2015-11-09 14:34:32

    The Fonepaw program now recognises my iPhone 6+ device and works very well thanks very much.

  • The program works perfectly!

    Jim McAuliffe2015-11-28 09:10:53

    we were able to make the video transfer to the desktop computer for editing. So far the software has performed very well. Thank you.

  • better than iTunes

    Gene Jambor2015-12-02 12:09:21

    Works very well. Far simpler and straightforward than iTunes.

  • Good software

    James Pessoa2015-12-08 11:03:03

    Thank you very much. I received all the necessary information and download codes some 2 minutes after I sent my message. I downloaded iOS Transfer to my MacBook Air and to my MacMini, it's working fine on both computers. I saved my 1900 files of jazz and blues, all set.

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