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Deleted Pictures on Camera? Here is to Retrieve on Android

author Carrie Murray
date Wednesday, December 18, 2019

It is recommendable to save important camera photos to Android phones. For one thing, it can create a backup so that we still have the photos even if we accidentally format the camera memory card. For another thing, on the Android device, the Canon/Nikon/Olympus/Sony/Leica/Fujifilm photos can be easily shared or posted via social media apps.

It sounds like a perfect plan, only that sometimes we could accidentally delete both the pictures on the camera and those saved on the Android device. If this is the problem now you are dealing with, here is a workaround: retrieve the deleted camera photos on Android with FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

# Troubleshooting: Retrieve Camera Pictures on Android

When a camera picture is deleted on an Android phone, it is not completely gone in the phone memory. As long as the picture has not been replaced by new data, FonePaw Android Data Recovery (opens new window)can use the data to retrieve the camera picture. On the program, you can see the thumbnail views of the camera photos. If you are not sure if a photo is your lost camera picture, you can also check detailed information: the date the photo is taken, with which camera it is taken and more.

Step 1. Stop Using Your Android Phone

To preserve the data of the deleted camera photos, stop using your Android phone once you realize the photos are deleted.

Step 2. Download & Install Android Data Recovery

Click the download button below to get FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your Windows or Mac PC. Then install and launch the program.

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Step 3. Connect Android Phone to Recovery Program

With USB cable, plug your Android phone into the computer. The program will quickly detect your device. You'll be asked to enable USB debugging (opens new window)if you haven't turned it on.

Connect Android to Computer

Step 4. Select Gallery to Scan

Your camera photos are usually saved on Gallery/Photos on your phone. So select "Gallery" > "Next" to make the program to scan your deleted camera photos.

Select Android Gallery

Step 5. Give Access Permission on Android Phone

To detect deleted camera photos, the program needs to get access permission on your Android phone. A FonePaw app will be installed on your Android phone to access your camera photos. What you need to do is turn on Install via USB on Settings > Developer Options of your phone and tap Install.

Install FonePaw App

After the FonePaw app is installed, pop-up windows as below appear on your Android phone, click "Allow" to enable the FonePaw app to access your phone memory for camera photos.

Give Access Permission

Step 6. Recover Deleted Camera Photos

After giving all access permission on the Android phone, you can go back to the desktop program and click Scan Authorized Files.

Scan Camera Photos After Granting Permission

After scanning, find the deleted camera photos that you want to get back. If you can't find the camera photos you need, click Deep Scan, which scans your phone storage more thoroughly and detect more deleted photos.

View Camera Photos After Standard Scan

When Deep Scan is finished, preview the thumbnails and select the camera photos to recover. If you are not sure, click the "i" icon on the bottom left corner of the thumbnail image to see details of a photo: name, size, format, date, camera information (including camera brand, model, firmware version). For example, in the below screenshot, we can see the chosen photo is taken by Nikon D7100 on Version.1.0.1.

View Camera Photos

After you have chosen all the photos that you need, click "Recover" to retrieve the camera photos in full size on the computer.

To better protect your camera photos, besides keeping the photos on an Android phone, you can also save a copy of important photos on computer. FonePaw Android Data Recovery can also help you to export photos from Android to computer (opens new window).

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