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The Fastest Way to Regain Kik Pictures on iPhone

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kik is now one of the most popular messaging apps with 300 million registered users. On Kik, people are not just texting, but sharing different kinds of interesting pictures, including:

  • iPhone Photos: Camera photos or others stored on your iPhone.

  • Sticker/Smiley: You can buy or get free Stickers or Smileys from Kik store.

  • Sketch: By using the built-in tool on Kik, you may send your friends a drawn picture.

  • Image Search: Search the internet for images in Kik and send the images you find.

  • Memes: Kik is the only messaging app with custom Memes feature, letting you create your own Memes.

With so many fun pictures you have created or received on Kik, what a bummer it would be if the pics are mistakenly deleted or missed. Want to regain the lost Kik photos on your iPhone? Here is the fastest way - using FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery.

The program can quickly scan your iPhone and detect the data of the deleted Kik pictures from iPhone internal storage. And using the data in internal storage, it is able to recover the Kik pictures to your computer. Moreover, if you have a backup of your iPhone on iTunes, the program also allows you to regain only Kik photos you need from the backup. The process to regain Kik pictures in this program is amazingly fast, which normally takes several minutes.

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Part 1: Regain Kik Pictures from iTunes Backup

To make use of your iTunes backup, please make sure that:

  1. You have installed iTunes on your computer;

  2. You have created a backup of your iPhone before the Kik pictures are deleted.

Step 1 Scan iTunes Backup

Start the FonePaw program on your computer, choose the second option "Recover from iTunes Backup File". All iTunes backup files on your computer will be listed. Choose the one that contains the Kik pictures that you want to regain and click "Start Scan".

Scan iTunes Backup

Note: If there is no backup files to be seen on the program, you may have changed the location of the backup files, click "Select" to select a backup file on your PC.

Step 2 Regain Kik Pictures

The scanning will be completed in minutes. On the left column, click "App Photos" > "Kik", where you can find the Kik pictures on your iPhone. Or you can tick "Kik" and "Kik Attachment" directly to view the data. Tick the pictures you need, and click "Recover" to regain the pictures to your computer.

Regain Kik Pictures from iTunes Backup

Note: If you couldn't find the folder named "Kik" on the program, the Kik pictures may be stored on "Camera Roll".

Part 2: Regain Kik Pictures from iPhone

Step 1 Connect iPhone to Computer

Open the FonePaw program, use USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer. When your iPhone appears on the program, click "Start Scan". You can see the scanning process on the top.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 2 Choose Kik Pictures

After scanning, go to "Kik" where stores the messages that you sent or received. As for "Kik Attachments", it keeps the pictures of apps. You can quickly recognize the deleted photos, which are presented with the file names in red.

Find Kik Pictures

Note: Actually, there is another place saving Kik pictures. Move to "App Photos" and find out "Kik" folder" where the pics also exist in. If you couldn't find the Kik pictures in the two ways mentioned above, they may be in the "Camera Roll".

Step 3 Regain Kik Pictures

Tick the pictures you want, and click "Recover" on the bottom to recover the pictures to your computer.

Regain Kik Pictures

Part 3: Save Kik Pictures on Your iPhone

You don’t want to lose Kik pictures again, you may want to pay attention to these tips to save Kik pictures on your iPhone.

To Save a Picture Sent by Your Contacts:

- Press and hold the picture or video and tap "Save".

- Open the picture in full-screen and tap the download arrow in the top right corner of your screen.

To Save a Meme You Created:

- In the chat, tap on the Meme to view it in full screen.

- Long press the Meme until you see "Save Picture", tap "OK". The Meme will be saved on Camera Roll.

Save Kik Memes

Besides photos, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery also can help you to regain Kik videos, deleted messages of WhatsApp and more.


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