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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger for iPhone

Permanently deleted Facebook Messenger messages can be recovered. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery can come in handy to retrieve your messages in simple steps.
author Emily Waston
date Thursday, November 2, 2023

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When you've deleted Messenger messages on your iPhone but want to get them back, you may have no idea as Facebook doesn't offer any backup for your chat history on Messenger.

Actually, there are several viable ways to recover deleted Messenger messages according to your situation. And some of the permanently deleted messages are not literally erased but are just hidden, it's possible to retrieve them with the help of a reliable message recovery tool.

Now, read on to find the proper way to get your Messenger messages back.

Recover Messenger Messages for iPhone

1. Check and Retrieve Archived Messages on Messenger

Sometimes a message can't be found on your Facebook Messenger is because it is archived on your phone. Archiving refers to hiding your messages from your inbox until the next time you chat with that person. In such a context, you can take the two measures below to unarchive your hidden messages on iPhone.

1. Open the Messenger app. Tap the profile picture at the top left on the home screen.

2. Tap "Archived Chats".

3. Choose an archived chat. Press and swipe left. Tap "Unarchive".

Unarchive Chats

  • 📌Note: If you remember the keywords related to an archived chat, you may also just search in the search bar to find it.
  • 2. Get Back Deleted Messages on Messenger via Download Your Information Tool

    Facebook Messager officially offers a Download Your Information feature to help you copy everything you've made on Facebook, including your messages. So this tool can be used to recover deleted Messenger messages on iPhone without computer.

    This method will not work for recovering permanently deleted Messenger messages. If your messages have been permanently deleted, skip and jump to the next part.

    1. Go to "Account Settings" in the Messenger app.
    2. Find the "Your Facebook Information" section and tap "Download Profile Information".
    3. Tap the "Messages" option. After that, you can set up "Date Range", "Format" (including HTML & JSON), and "Media Quality".

    4. 📌Note: HTML format is easy to view. JSON format will allow you to transfer your information to another service.
    5. Tap "Create File" to download the copy of your messages.

    Copy Messages in Messenger

    3. Recover Permanently Deleted Messages on Messenger via iPhone Data Recovery

    If the above methods do not work, it may mean that the messages are permanently deleted on your iPhone. Don't be too anxious, a professional iPhone data recovery tool can help you recover permanently deleted Messenger messages.

    FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is such a reliable tool to recover deleted Messenger messages from iPhone/iTunes backup. It can scan your iPhone deeply to find the deleted messages that haven't been overwritten and recover them. Also, if you have a iTunes backup that contains your lost Messenger messages, FonePaw can directly extract deleted messages from the backup file to CSV or HTML files without restoring your iPhone.

    Besides, FonePaw is able to recover deleted text messages and iMessages. It is definately a great helper for you to trace back valuable messages.

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    Retrieve from iPhone

    1. Launch FonePaw on your computer, connect your iPhone to it via USB cable.
    2. Choose "Recover from iOS Device". Enter the screen passcode on your iPhone to trust the computer if asked.

    3. Connect Your iPhone

    4. Click "Start Scan". Wait for FonePaw to display your deleted Messenger messages.

    5. Select Messages to Recover

    6. Select the messages you want and click "Recover". FonePaw will retrieve deleted Messenger messages to your computer.
  • 📌Note: If you can't find the deleted Messenger messages in this way, the messages may have been overwritten by new data on your iPhone, which makes the deleted messages permanently gone.
  • Recover from iTunes Backup

    If you have an iTunes backup of your iPhone on your computer, just choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File" in FonePaw. FonePaw will analyse your iTunes backup file to find your messenger messages. You can choose to export the deleted messages only to your computer, without restoring your iPhone. (The steps are similar to recovering from iPhone with FonePaw in the former part.)

    Video Tutorial of Using FonePaw to Recover Deleted Data on iPhone


    To recover deleted Messenger messages from iPhone for free, you can unarchive hidden messages or download the message history through the Messenger app. And if you want to recover permanently deleted Messenger messages, it's recommended to use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, which offers various recovery methods and comprehensive scans to help you effortlessly recover deleted Messenger messages on your iPhone.

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