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How to Recover Deleted Data on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

author Carrie Murray
date Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Summary: Want to recover deleted Contacts from Samsung S9? Looking for a feasible guide to retrieve Samsung S9 photos? This post will help. You can go ahead to find out the simple way to recover deleted data including SMS, WhatsApp messages, document files, media data and so on from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

Some people reports that it's very frustrating to lose the important data on a cellphone. But don't worry and you still get a chance to find them back with a recovery tool. Now, let's check on this guide to see how to easily recover lost data on Android.

Notice: This guide will help you get back lost or deleted data on your Android phone but for the case that your cellphone is lost or stolen, it won't help. The only way you can get back the important data from a lost phone is retrieving from your backup copies.

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# How to Recover Deleted Data on Samsung Galaxy (3K Users Have Tried)

FonePaw Android Data Recovery (opens new window) is a tested to be the best data recovery software that you should never miss. It supports not only the Samsung cellphone for the recovery task, but also the other Android devices such as HTC, Huawei, LG, Sony and so on. If you are not sure whether the app is available for your phone or not, you can leave a message on the bottom of the page to let us know. Now, you can follow the steps below to recover lost data such as photos, messages, contacts, call logs and so on from your Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7.

Step 1. Get Android Data Recovery on Computer

To get the FonePaw Android Data Recovery app on your computer, you need to click on the download button below and then install it.

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Step 2. Connect Android and Authorize It

Launch the app and then connect your Android to your computer via a USB cable. To get it successfully detected, you need to enable the USB debugging (opens new window) on your smartphone.

Connect Android Phone to PC

Step 3. Select the Data Type to Scan

Now, you should see the screenshot as below. You can select the data types you want to recover from. Then click on the "Next" and the program will scan your Android for the lost data.

Tips: Please keep your smartphone connected to computer during the scanning process.

Choose File Types to Recover

Step 4. Authorize FonePaw App on Your Phone Before Scanning

FonePaw Android Data Recovery needs permission to read and scan more deleted data in your phone. When there is a pop-up window on your device, please tap "Allow". If you fail to do it, click "Retry" and try again. On your computer, click "I Have Authorized".

Authorize FonePaw Scan

Step 5. Preview and Recover Lost Data

Standard Scan can only find out the files that already in your device. If you need to recover the hidden or deleted files, try Deep Scan.

The scanning process may take a while. After it's done, you can preview the specific file by simply clicking on it. For instance, if you'd like to recover the lost contacts from Samsung Galaxy S9, you should choose "Contact" under "Contacts & Messages" menu from the left pane. Now, you will see the contacts from your Samsung displayed on the program. If you enable the button next to "Only display the deleted items", you will see only the deleted contacts in red. To get back the lost contact from Samsung, what you need to do is selecting the items and clicking the "Recover" button. After that, the retrieved files would be saved on your computer.

Deep Scan on FonePaw

# Troubleshootings for the Recovery Issues

Case 1. The device failed to be detected.

"Not connected", "detect failed"... It is so sad to hear such words but these connection cases could be solved here:

  • Re-install the newest program.
  • Set up debuggnig and choose "MTP" mode.
  • Disconnect other devices that are plugged into the computer.
  • Confirm that you have installed the right driver for your device or update the driver (opens new window).

Case 2. There is not what I need in the scanned results.

After scanning, there is no deleted files on the result list. The lost files may be overwritten by the new data so you will not get any deleted contents. On the other hand, if you meet with a selection between "Continue Scanning" and "Advanced Root" and you have chosen the former, the deleted data couldn't be accessed.

Case 3. How to Move the recovered data back to device?

As you see, the retrieved files are exported to PC. If you tend to move them to your Samsung S9, please turn to How to Transfer Data from PC to Android (opens new window).

Above is the whole guide to recover deleted photos, messages, contacts, videos and other files from Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S7. If you have any question when following the guide for the data recovery, please write it down on the comment box below.