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Get WeChat Photos/Videos/Audios on iPhone Back to PC

By Emily Watson, Tunesday, Oct 04, 2016

WeChat is a comprehensive social app integrates with chat function and a wide range of service. For daily life and work, you can chat on WeChat installed on your iPhone by sending text, photos, instant videos and audios, and stickers. You are also allowed to open group chat for discussing. Chat history can include conversations about a project, business, and so on, which are so significant that once they are lost, it can incur big losses. So here is recovery guide directing users to get Wechat photos, videos and audios on iPhone back to PC.

We will utilize FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery program, a recovery expert in the field of iOS. This software is capable of locating deleted media files and restoring them from the iDevice to your computer. Such media files include photos, videos and audios of all kinds of apps, WeChat for example. Below are detailed steps on how.


Get Wechat Photos/Videos/Audios on iPhone Back to PC

Step 1. Launch FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery

Download FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery from the Download button above section. Then install the program on your PC. Then double click the icon and run the program.

Step 2. Plug Your iPhone to the Computer

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. In this guide, we will take iPhone 7 as an example. After that, you will receive a note on your iPhone, which asks you whether to trust the computer or not. Tap the "Trust" button. Then the connection will be okay.

Recover from iOS Device

Step 3. Select Data to Scan

Click "Start Scan" to start scan process over your iPhone 7.After a few minutes, scanning should be completed. But this depends on the how much files you have. Then go to "App Photos"/ "App Videos"/ "App Audio" > "WeChat". You can preview your WeChat photos/videos/audios. If you couldn't find the "WeChat" folder, your Instagram photos could be in "Camera Roll".

App Photos of iOS Device

Step 4. Get WeChat Photos/Videos/Audios on iPhone Back to PC

After preview, you can select the items you want. Then click the "Recover" button to restore WeChat pictures/videos/voice records to your computer.

WeChat Photos of iOS Device

Such recovered media files, including images, videos as well as audios, are stored in the folder named "FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery". You can open the folder and check your files. You can change the path so that you can store your files to a folder you want. However, no matter how amazing the recovery program is, we do advise you to regularly backup your iDevice files in case of any indicent.



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