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How to Uninstall FonePaw ScreenMo

author Emily Watson
date Saturday, November 18, 2017

FonePaw ScreenMo (opens new window) can not only helps you capture your screen on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with only one click, but also wirelessly mirror iOS screen to PC. Most of the users have reported that the recorder helped a lot for the job. However, if you don't need the program anymore and want to remove it to release the storage space on your computer, you can refer to this guide to uninstall FonePaw ScreenMo program.

Step 1 Go to Search bar on your Windows and enter "Control Panel" on the box to open Control Panel.

Windows Control Panel

Step 2 Head to "Programs > Uninstall a program".

Uninstall A Program

Step 3 Find out FonePaw ScreenMo version 1.2.1 and right click on it to choose "Uninstall" option.

Find Out FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder

Step 4 You would be asked to confirm if you want to completely remove FonePaw ScreenMo program and all of its components. Click on "Yes" to continue.

Remove FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder

Step 5 Wait for a moment and the program would be removed from your computer.

Remove FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder

When you can see the interface as below, FonePaw ScreenMo is successfully removed. Just click on the "OK" button.

Remove FonePaw iOS Screen Recorder

With the above simple steps, FonePaw ScreenMo is now totally deleted from your computer. If you ever need this program to mirror or record iOS screen in some day, it is our pleasure to note that you will download and use it again.