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Apple AirPlay Receiver on Windows 10/8/7

author Carrie Murray
date Saturday, November 25, 2017

Summary: It is known that iPhone/iPad can be mirrored to Mac easily via AirPlay. But Can you use AirPlay on Windows? So I wrote this guide to introduce an AirPlay server for Windows PC to wirelessly stream contents and mirror iPhone/iPad/iPod screen to PC.

As AirPlay doesn't support screen mirroring on Windows, you need to get an AirPlay receiver on it when you want to cast, mirror, or record iOS screen on Windows. Here in this guide, you will see how to airplay mirroring iPhone/iPad screen on PC using the recommended AirPlay receiver on Windows.

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Mirror Videos

What Is AirPlay And Can I Get AirPlay for PC?

AirPlay, developed by Apple Inc., allows users to stream audios, videos, and photos from their iTunes library or iOS devices to Wi-Fi-connected, compatible devices such as computers, speakers, and stereo components. With it, you can not only enjoy your own wireless home audio system, but also share your music with other speakers. However, AirPlay only enables you to stream audios. For videos you want to share, AirPlay Mirroring is required.

AirPlay Mirroring (also called Screen Mirroring for iOS 11) enables users to share AirPlay-compatible iOS screen and display videos, games, or other contents on Apple TV. Try to imagine how annoying it is when you want to share something on that screen with a group of people on a iPhone 8/7 screen and they need to huddle themselves very close. But with the AirPlay Mirroring, you can easily mirror your iPhone screen to a bigger device.

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But AirPlay isn't full-featured enough to mirror iOS screen on Windows 10/8/7. If you want to AirPlay Mirroring on Windows, it is not complicated and all you need is an iOS screen recorder. Please continue to read and you will find out how to mirror iPhone to PC on your iOS 11, iOS 10 and even iOS 9 or the former.

AirPlay Receiver on Windows 10/8/7

To mirror iOS screen on Windows PC, you are recommended to try FonePaw ScreenMo (opens new window), which can work as an AirPlay server that will help you easily share iPhone or iPad screen on a Windows computer. The app is in some way considered as a best LonelyScreen alternative. Now, let's start to fix the problem such as "how can I mirror my iPhone to laptop wirelessly" and in this way, you can see the iPhone screen on your computer for the info sharing.

Step 1 Download and Install FonePaw ScreenMo

Click on the following button and you can download and install FonePaw ScreenMo on your Windows PC. Then launch it.

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Step 2 Connect iOS Device And PC with The Same Wi-Fi

Make sure that you have connected your iPhone or iPad to computer with the same Wi-Fi for the following process.

Connect with Wi-Fi

Step 3 Mirror iOS Screen to Windows

Now, to find out where AirPlay in settings is, you need to swipe up on your iOS screen and tap on the "Screen Mirroring" from Control Center. Then choose "FonePaw ScreenMo". After connecting, the interface will show: xxx (the IP address) is connected.

Mirror iOS Screen to Windows

Now it's easy for you to get your iPhone/iPad screen displayed on Windows. Thus, you're able to present what you want on the computer and it is availible to zoom in and out.

Record Gameplay on iPhone

Actually, it also supports you to record iPhone screen easily. Though we all know that the iOS 11 can be a good choice to record iPhone screen without computer, some of the users complaint that it won't work on their iPhone as they fail to update iOS to the new version. If you want to find out an straightforward and effective way to fix how to record screen on iPhone 6, for example, you can also appeal to this ScreenMo app. But you should notice that it won't let you control iPhone from PC. It only help to wirelessly mirror and capture screen on your PC. To see more details about to it works, you can go back to the video guide above this page or directly head to this page: How to Record iPhone and iPad Screen (opens new window)

For editing the recording video on your iPhone and iPad, Icecream Video Editor (opens new window) is what you need. You can edit your video with some pro features and create your video style. Then, export it in the format that you want.

Above is the whole guide to share iOS screen on PC with AirPlay feature, which is suitable for all iDevices with all iOS versions. Only if your devices are with Apple Airplay, you can try this way to mirror or record iPhone screen. If you have any problem about this article when trying to display iPhone screen on PC, please leave us a message on the comment area below!