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Clean Up Your Mac OS

Step 1: Launch MacMaster on Your Mac

Download FonePaw MacMaster and launch it. Check the system status and you are allowed to click "Scan" to extract the unneeded files on your Mac.

Launch the Homepage of MacMaster

Step 2: Preview the Data

When the scanning step finishes, please click "Review" button on the bottom of certain data type. Or hit "Re-scan" to scan your iMac/MacBook again.

Preview the Data Types

Step 3: Clean up Items

If you have chosen "Junk Files" before, you will view the following screen which shows you the application cache, system cache, user logs, trash bin, etc. Move your mouse to the ideal data and select some of them. Finally, you can delete them with the "Clean" button.

Clean up Items

Note: As for the other categories: "Clutter" and "Large & Old Files" etc., the process to erase them is the same to doing with "Junk Files".

Step 4: Cleaning is Done

In several seconds, the unnecessary contents fade away and there is a note occuring on the interface to tell you the file owns "Zero KB". If you just removed part of the junks, it will inform you the size of the file that you deleted. You can firstly try the free Mac memory cleaner with 500 MB.

Cleaning is Done