FonePaw MacMaster has been rebranded as Macube Cleaner. Both of them share the same features and the registered code can be used for the two software. One-Year Plan users can contact us to unsubscribe the program if they don’t need it anymore.

MacMaster: The Top Mac Cleanup utility

The all-in-one Mac app to optimize your iMac or MacBook through monitoring the system status, scanning out junk files and cleaning it up. Free try to clean up your Mac right now!

How MacMaster is Different from Other Mac Cleaners?

  • Quickly:

    It’s speedy not only to scan out files, but also to clean them up to keep Mac clean.
  • Powerful:

    All things in your Mac can be checked, including the battery state, CPU usage, memory usage, etc.
  • Considerate:

    Its standard mode and dark mode allow you to select the items and check the scanned results by size, time, etc. All decisions are up to you.
  • Free to Try:

    Free Mac disk cleaner with 500 MB. All kinds of files can be removed.

System Status Monitor

FonePaw MacMaster is capable to detect your Mac performance in many aspects.

Disk Utilization

Display the status of the disk.

Battery Status

Check your battery health here.

Memory Usage

Detect the remaining space of memory.

CPU Usage

Keep you up-to-date on Mac’s processor

Bring Your Mac A Whole New Life

The best Mac cleanup utility can free up Mac space with:

  • No junks
  • No duplicates/similar images
  • No old or large files
  • No leftovers of deleted apps
  • No redundant searching history

Mac Memory Optimizer

Get more skills here to free up your Mac space.

Junk Files

Safely delete junk files, including cache files & logs, to free up the storage.

Large & Old Files

Identify and remove large or old files that you don't want.

Similar Images Finder

Detect and delete the similar photos in certain folder.


Clear private data, like cookies and history, in browsers.


Quickly manage the main extensions of the applications.


Completely delete the files from Mac and no one can restore them.


Delete unwanted apps and associated files.

Duplicate Finder

Find and remove the repeated items on your Mac.


Locate and erase unnecessary files to free up space.

User Guide: How to Use FonePaw MacMaster

Step 1.

Launch MacMaster on your Mac.

Step 2.

Scan and preview the data.

Step 3.

Clean up unneeded items.

Step 4.

Your Mac is cleaned up.

What Our Customers Have Said

I previewed the large files >100MB after scanning and I deleted them. The Mac seems to be a little faster.

Used by 700,000+ Customers

353 reviews
FonePaw Review


Great, it can helps me scan out the unneeded mail attachments. Moreover, it is FREE.

Used by 700,000+ Customers

353 reviews
FonePaw Review


Great, it can helps me scan out the unneeded mail attachments. Moreover, it is FREE.

Used by 700,000+ Customers

353 reviews
FonePaw Review


All-in-One Mac Cleaner: Uninstaller, Shredder, Junks Remover

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