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Password Protect and Encrypt Word Document for Mac - The Ultimate Guide

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Password protecting word document on Mac help secure credential information that you don't want to be accessed by unauthorized others. This guide teaches you 2 ways to lock word documents on Mac. Apart from using the password protection method provided by Microsoft Office, you can also encrypt important word documents with a file encryption tool for Mac, which can hide word files on Mac like they don't exist.

Encrypt Word Documents on Mac

Hidata is a file encryption tool that can hide word documents, excel files, PDFs, photos, videos, folders, etc. on your Mac and encrypt the files with password. By putting the private word documents in this application, no one can see or open the encrypted Word documents on your Mac.


Here is how to password protect word documents in Hidata.

Step 1: Install Hidata on your Mac.

Step 2: When the application is launched for the first time, you can set a password for the app.

Set up Password

Step 3: Choose the Document folder, click + icon to select the word document you want to encrypt. Or directly drag and drop the document.

Add Word Documents to Hide

Once the word document is added, it will disappear from its original folder on the Mac and is password protected in Hidata.

To view the password protected word document, you need to launch Hidata, enter its password and find the document.

Open Encrypted Word Documents

Password Protect Word Document(2016/2017/2019/Office 365) for Mac

Microsoft Word has a Protect Document function that allows users to put a password on a word document. Here is how to password protect word document on Mac. The following steps can be applied to Microsoft Word 2016/2017/2019/, Office 365.

Step 1: Open the word document you want to encrypt on your Mac.

Step 2: Click the Review tab > the Protect Document button.

Protect Document

Step 3: This will open the password protection window. Enter a password to open or modify the word document twice. Click OK.

Password Protect Word Document on Mac

When adding a password for a word document that you need to send to others, you may choose to require a password to modify the document as well.

The word document is now password protected on your Mac. If you want to completely hide a word file on Mac so that no one can find its existence, use Hidata above.

Password Protect Word Document(2010)for Mac

The steps to password protect word documents are different on the earlier version of Microsoft Word, for example, Word 2010.

Step 1: In the word document you want to protect with password, click Word > Preferences.

Step 2: In the Preferences panel, click Security under the Personal Settings.

Step 3: In the Security window, enter a password in the "password to open:" field. Click OK.

Step 4: Reenter the password and click OK to confirm.

Password Protect Word 2010 on Mac

Open Password-protected Word Document on Mac

When you are trying to open a word document with password protection on Mac, a window will pop up and ask you to enter the password for the document. You can only access the document after entering the password.

If unfortunately, you have forgotten the password you have set, there is no way to recover password for the word document(even Microsoft can't recover it). Therefore, it's important to keep the password you created for the word document.

When sending out a password-protected word document, don't forget to send the password as well to the receivers.

Remove Password Protection on Word for Mac

If a word document no longer needs to be encrypted on your Mac, you can remove the password protection.

Step 1: Go to Review > Protect Document.

Step 2: Delete the password to open or modify the word document.

Step 3: Click OK.

The password is removed from the word document.

It is easy to password protect word documents on Mac. If you would like to add a password to one word document that you need to send to others, the password protection method offered by Microsoft is enough for you. If you want to encrypt multiple word documents on your Mac to protect them from prying, try Hidata, a professional file encryption software program.

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