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How to Make Your Secret Photos Invisible on Mac

By Carrie Murray, Monday, February 11, 2019

Unlike iPhones, which we carry around with us all the time, MacBooks are often turned on and unguarded by the owners, which leads to higher risk of privacy issues. Your secret photos on the Mac can be seen by others, accidentally or intentionally. 

To protect some private photos on your Mac, today we are gonna show you how to make your private photos on Mac invisible. You can hide photos on Photos app on Mac or enable FileVault for your Mac. And if you are still worried, you can use Hidata, an app that can make your secret photos invisible from Mac and protect them with password. 

1. Hide Your Photos on macOS Photos app

The first method is to use the built-in app, Photos, on tour Mac. Photos app can create an invisible photo vault on your Mac to hide your private photos, although it can't password protect the photos so there is still chance that others may find your secret photos album. Anyway, let's see how to hide images on Photos app on Mac. 

Step 1 Launch Photos in your Mac.

Step 2 Select the photos you would like to hide from others.

Step 3 Right-click the photos and choose Hide Photo.

Step 4 After the photos are hidden, they are disappeared and put into the Hidden album on the Photos app.

To access the hidden photos, click View > Show Hidden Photo Album. Remember to hide the Hidden photo album after you have viewed the hidden photos.

Tip: You can also hide a photo by selecting the photo and clicking Image > Hide Photo from the menu bar. Or press Command + L keys at the same time.   

This method hides the photos quickly but anyone who knows this method can also quickly unhide your photos and view them. The more secure way is to lock hidden photos with a password. Read on to learn how to protect your private photos on Mac with password.

2. Encrypt Pictures with FileVault

The seemingly better alternative is FileVault, which encrypt your system drive. Therefore, you'd better transfer your private photos into the system drive and encrypt the whole drive.

However, the drawback of FileVault in protecting your secret photos is that it only protects your system drive and files in it when the Mac is off.

Once you turn on the Mac and input the password, anyone, such as your partner, coworker, and friends, can access the system drive without password before the Mac is turned off. So FileVault is mainly meant to protect your data when the Mac is stolen by someone

Here is how to enable FileVault on Mac to protect your private photos.

Step 1 Start your MacBook and log in with an admin account.

Step 2 Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > FileVault.

Step 3 Click the lock icon in the bottom left corner unlocks your ability to make changes.

Step 4 Click Turn on FileVault. The Mac will restart and begin to encrypt your drive, including the photos on the drive.

Turn on FileVault

This method can encrypt files but it still cannot protect them all the time. During the interval when your MacBook is on and you are not around it, your private photos are exposed to great risk. Luckily, there is a better method to password protect photos on Mac.

3. Lock Personal Photos with Password Protection

Hidata is an app that can both hide and password-lock a photo. After encrypting the photo, every time you tries to access the hidden photos, a password is required, ensuring high-level security. Besides, it is an easy-to-use app so you can easily operate the encrypting process after launching it. Let's see the specific steps.

Also, Hidata allows you to view the hidden photos and videos in the app. It is really a secret photo vault on your Mac to keep the photos you don't want to be seen by others.

Step 1 Download Hidata by clicking buttons below and install it on your Mac.


Step 2 After launching Hidata, you will be asked to set up a password.

Set up Password to Lock Photos

Tip: You should always remember the password because you need to input the password every time you launch the app. So it's quite safe for your private photos.

Unlock Hidata with Password

Step 3 On the main window of the app, hidden files are sorted according to their file types. Click Media if you want to hide private photos.

Add Photos to Hide

Step 4 Click + button to add the photos you want to hide or simply drag the photos from your Mac desktop, Finder to the app. You can toggle on the button beside the photos to hide or show them. To hide many photos all altogether, you can tick the boxes before the photo and then hit the Hide button on the bottom.

Hide Photos on Mac

You can also create your own photo vault by creating a folder and adding photos from your Mac. Right click on the left column and click Add Folder to create one for storing your private photos.

Add Hidden Folder

Note: clicking the Hidata on the menu bar will open a simple and small-sized window for you to quickly hide/show photos on the Mac.

Hidata Menu Bar Utility

Hidata can encrypt your photos all the time with a password, which is much safer. You can also hide documents, videos, audio with Hidata.

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