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Ultra-Safe to Hide Video on Mac Computer

By Carrie Murray, Friday, February 01, 2019

Do you have videos that you will never share with your friends on Mac computer? We all have some secret videos that we want to keep to ourselves only on Mac, iPhone, or iPad. To completely and safely hide the video files on Mac, we offer three simplest ways to do that. Read on to find the one that fits you!

Hide Purchased Data in iTunes

The way to hide specific movies purchased in iTunes is surprisingly easy. Just follow the steps and the embarrassing videos will never appear in your 'Purchased' tab.

  • Open iTunes. If you haven't logged in yet, click Sign in and enter your Apple ID and password.

  • From the menu bar on the top, click Account > Purchased.

  • At the top of the screen, select All to reveal all of your purchased items/data, including the videos.

  • Click Movies to find the videos that you want to hide.

  • Move your cursor over the video you want to hide until you see an 'X' appearing in the corner. Just click the 'X' and the video will be hidden.

Hide Purchased in iTunes

Tip: If you want to unhide the movie or TV shows, it's also very easy. Open iTunes Account > View My Account. Then it will ask for your password for verification. When you pass it, go to the iTunes in the Cloud > Hidden Purchases > Manage. Find your hidden videos and click 'Unhide' under their names to make them reappear in your Purchased list.

Hide Videos in Finder using Terminal (Be Careful)

Using iTunes to hide videos is very simple, but what about those downloaded outside of iTunes? Here comes a useful utility - Terminal. It also offers you a way to hide videos on Mac and, what's more, the data that you can hide are not only movies/videos but also pictures, songs, and other files on your Mac. Notice that Terminal is a bit complicated to use with command lines. If you are unfamiliar with Terminal, the best way to hide videos and other files on Mac is with Hidata, a private files vault for Mac.

Tip: To organizing your hidden files more easily, before you begin to hide the data, it is recommended for you to save all the videos or other files you want to hide in one single folder. It's also OK if you don't feel like doing it.

Now follow the steps:

  • Open Terminal. If you cannot find it, you can do it by pressing Command + Space to open Spotlight, typing Terminal and pressing Enter.

  • Once Terminal has opened, type the following command with a space at the end: chflags hidden.

  • You can drag then drop the video that you want to hide into Terminal. The path of the video will appear.

  • Press Enter to run the command. The video should disappear from the Finder.

Hide Videos with Terminal on Mac

The video has only been hidden and is still stored in the Mac hard drive. In other word, we just cannot see the hidden videos but they're still there. If you want to access the hidden videos, do as the following:

  • Open a Finder window. Then tap Go > Go to Folder.

  • Type in the path of the hidden folder then click Go (this is the reason why saving the files in one single folder is more convenient). Then the finder will locate to that certain folder and your files should then visible in Finder.

  • Notice that the files are only visible now and once you close the window, they'll be hidden once again.

Find Hidden Files on Mac

If you get tired of it and want to unhide the videos, open Terminal enter the command line: chflags nohidden. Type a space at the end and then drag the hidden videos into the Terminal window. Hit Enter.

Hide Videos with Hidata (Secure & Easy)

Absolutely you can use Terminal to hide data, but it's complicated to use and, admit it, it's hard to remember where you have placed the files. So why not turning to a safe and user-friendly app to hide videos, photos, etc. on Mac? Hidata is highly recommended. Secure and easy, it can encrypt videos and other files with password, and hide them on your Mac. The hidden videos can never be accessed via Finder or other apps unl3ess you unhide them on Hidata. But you can always view the hidden videos via Hidata.

Download Hidata now to secure your secret videos.


If you have doubt about how Hidata hides your movies, videos, TV shows, check the following steps.

Step One: Set up Password for Hidden Files

Open Hidata, you can set up a password to secure this app. To help you remember the password, type the password hint in case you forget the passcode.

Set up Password to Protect Videos

Step Two: Hide Videos on Mac

Now you can see the homepage, clear and clean. On the left-hand side, you can select files classified by types. You can hide videos in the Media folder.

Click Media, then you may drag and drop the videos you want to into Hidata, or click the + icon to add the secret videos. The videos will be hidden once they are added to Hidata.

Add Videos to Hide

View hidden videos

There are two places you can watch the hidden videos.

  • Run Hidata. Enter the password you have set up. Click Media and select the video. You will see a small player for playing the video on the right. If there are too many videos, you can type in the name of it and search for it at the top-right corner.

View Hidden Videos on Mac

  • Find Hidata in the Menu Bar of your Mac and toggle off the Hide button beside the video. The hidden video will appear on your Mac again for you to watch. Turn on the Hide button after watching if you want to continue to hide the video.

Hidata on Menu Bar

Isn't it easy? Download it now to have a try!

All the above are the simplest three ways to hide videos on Mac. Does this passage help? If so, please give us a like and share it to your friends.

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