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Hide and Unhide Files on macOS Mojave/Sierra

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, February 05, 2019

There are plenty of ways to hide and show hidden files on macOS. For instance, you can hide files on Mac with Terminal by using various command lines, or move the files to the hidden Library folder or another user account. But none of these ways can be more effective and simple than the method that is being introduced here in this article.

FonePaw Hidata, an app designed for hiding documents, photos, videos, audio on macOS, is the best way to quickly hide and unhide Mac files.

It ensures a higher level of security for your hidden files - by transforming the hidden files to formats that are unreadable by macOS, Hidata can make your files completely invisible from your Mac without leaving a trace.

Meanwhile, this file hider makes it easy for you to quickly access or show the hidden files on Mac. With the password you have set, you can view the hidden files on the app or unhide the hidden files in just one click.

FonePaw Hidata

Let's go through the steps to hide and unhide files on macOS Majove, High Sierra, Sierra with Hidata.


Part 1: Hide Files on macOS Majove, High Sierra, Sierra

Step 1: Install Hidata

Get Hidata installed on your macOS. The file hider works with macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, OS X 10.12 Sierra, and OS X 10.11 El Capitan.


To avoid inquiry from prying eyes, it is a good idea to not put Hidata on the desktop and Dock and to exclude the app from Spotlight Search (Go to System Preference > Spotlight > Privacy and drag the Hidata into it or add a folder that contains Hidata.)

Step 2: Set up Hidata

Open Hidata. For the first time it opens, you need to enter a new password twice and a password hint.

Set up Password

The password is used to access hidden files in the application, so it is very important for you to remember the password.

Step 3: Hide Files on macOS

After setting up Hidata, you will come to the homepage, where there are 3 folders to classify the hidden files: Media, Documents and Others. If you like, you can right click on the empty space and select Add Folder to create your own secret folder.

Hiding files is very simple on Hidata. 

  •  Select a folder.

  • Click + icon or Add button to add a file or folder to Hidata.

  • Or drag and drop the file or folder into the dashed line blank.

Hide Files on macOS

Once the file or folder is added, it will show up with a blue button next to it, which indicates that the file is successfully hidden from macOS.

After you have all the private files and folders hidden, close Hidata. Then no one can see or find the hidden files on your Mac.

If you would like to see or show the hidden files, check out Part 2.

Part 2: Show Hidden Files on macOS Majove, High Sierra, Sierra

1. View Hidden Files on macOS

When you feel like opening or editing your hidden files, run Hidata. There are 2 ways to access your hidden files: one is through the app, and the other is through its shortcut in the Menu Bar on the top of your Mac screen.

Unlock Hidata from Menu Bar

Entering your password in either the app or the Menu Bar shortcut gets you to the hidden files.

Unlock Hidden Files

If there are many hidden files, you can locate the one you need quickly by sorting the files by name, path, date added or searching the file in the search bar.

Sort out Hidden Files

2. Unhide Hidden Files on macOS

When you change your mind and want to show the hidden files for editing, you can do it easily.

In the menu bar shortcut, find the files you want to unhide, turn its blue button to grey. The hidden file will be put back to where it was. Clicking the magnifier icon will take you to the location of the file.

Unhide Hidden Files via Menu Bar Shortcut

In the app, toggle off the button beside the hidden file to unhide it. To unhide multiple hidden files at once, select all files, click the Hide button and select Unhide Selected Items.

Unhide Multiple Hidden Files

Of course, after you are done with editing the files, you can hide the files again by toggling on the buttons.

As you can see, Hidata works much like a secret vault to store all the files and folders you want to hide. It is much safer than other methods because it actually makes your files disappear from macOS and no one can find the hidden files without your password.

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