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How to Hide Files/Folders on Mac Computer

By Carrie Murray, Monday, January 28, 2019

To hide files or folders on the Mac desktop, you can simply create a new folder in the Library folder to store the secret files or folders.

  • Creating another user account and moving the private files or folders to the new account is one way to go.

  • Enable FileVault for the hard drive so that everyone needs to enter a passcode to access contents on the drive.

  • Use Terminal commands to hide folders on Mac.

  • Hide files or folder with a third-party files hider.

Among all these methods, a professional files hider for Mac is the easiest and safest way to create a hidden folder on Mac. Library folder, a user new account, or FileVault are not safe enough to protect your private files from prying eyes. Hiding files with Terminal does make a file or folder invisible from Mac desktop and Finder, but it is a little bit tricky to perform a Terminal command and you have to remember the special keyboard shortcuts and commands to show or unhide the hidden files. A professional files hider, on the other hand, can not only encrypt your private files and folders but also make it easy for you to access your secret folders.

FonePaw Hidata is a dedicated file hider for Mac. This app can hide files and folders on Mac in an intelligent way: not only that it makes the files or folders invisible on Mac, but it re-compiles files into a format that are unrecognizable by Mac system. So no one except you can access the hidden files and folders. With the password you created, you can easily access and view the files and folders that you have hidden.

FonePaw Hidata

FonePaw Hidata is now free to download for hiding files/folders on macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan and more.


How to Hide Files on Mac

Here is how to hide files in Mac with FonePaw Hidata.

Step 1 Create a password to hide files

Start Hidata. When Hidata is started for the first time, it requires you to create a password to protect your hidden files and folder. Enter your password for 2 times and add a password hint, which can remind you of the password when it is forgotten.

Set up Password

Important: Entering the password is the only way to access the files and folders hidden on Hidata. So DO NOT forget the password.

Step 2 Add files to hide

After inputting the password, you now enter the main window of the files hider. Click the plus icon in the middle or Add button below to add a file that you want to hide from Mac Finder or Desktop. Or simply drag the files into the dashed line rectangle. Different files, including documents, media files can be added.

Add Files to Hide on Mac

Step 3 Hide files on Mac

Toggle on the button beside a file, the file will be hidden instantly.

Hide Files on Mac

To hide multiple files, select the files and click the triangle icon beside the Hide button and click Hide Selected Items or Hide All Items.

Tip: How to Unhide or view hidden files

Hidata also enables you to easily unhide or view hidden files. You can view hidden photos or videos on the application itself. To view a hidden document, toggle off the button to unhide the document temporarily, click the magnifier icon to find the document and double click to open it. Once the document is closed, you can toggle on the button to hide it again.

Unhide Files on Mac

If you would like to unhide hidden files, toggle off the button and click Unhide Selected Items.

How to Hide Folders on Mac

Hidata lets you to create a hidden folder or add a folder from to hide. By default, there are four folders on Hidata: All Files, Documents, Media files, Other. If you would like make an invisible folder of your own, click Add Folder to create one and then add files into the folder to hide. Also, Hidata can hide an entire folder all at once.

Step 1 Hide a folder on Mac

Drag and drop a folder into the dashed line rectangle or right click on the empty space of the left column to add a folder into Hidata. Once the folder is added, it is hidden automatically.

Drag and Drop Folder

Step 2 View contents in the hidden folder

Move the mouse cursor to the blue switch and then click Show. All files on the hidden folder will be revealed. To open the files in the hidden folder, you have to temporarily unhide the folder so that the system can identify the files again.

Hide Folders on Mac

Besides accessing hidden files and folders from Hidata homepage, you can also quickly get to the hidden data through the Hidata utility in the Menu bar. You also need to input the password to enter Hidata through its menu bar utility.

Hidata Shortcut in Menu Bar

Hidata is now free to download. Get it on your Mac to have a try!


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