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How to Sync Samsung Contacts to Outlook with Kies

By Carrie Murray, Saturday, September 3, 2016

If you are iOS users, you can easily sync contacts to Outlook or other email accounts by adding the account to your iPhone. Can Samsung users enjoy the same kind of convenience? Actually, you can. All you need a small tool named Samsung Kies. The tool is released by Samsung to transfer data between computer and Samsung devices. One of its useful features is to sync contacts on Samsung mobile phone to Outlook. Here is how you can do it.

Download Samsung Kies on Computer

Download Samsung Kies from If your device runs on Android 4.2 or the earlier, such as Galaxy S4, Note II, choose Kies to download. If it runs on Android 4.3 or the latter, you need Kies3. You should know that Kies can't support new models such as the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge.

Connect Samsung Phone via USB Connection

Launch Samsung Kies on your computer. Before the Kies functions, you need to connect your Samsung devices to computer. Connect your device with USB cable, then plug the cable into the port of computer, after a while, you will see the name of your Samsung phone under "Connected devices".

   Kies Homepage

Tip: Wi-Fi connection is also available on Kies, but not on Kies3.

Sync Samsung Contacts with Outlook on Kies

Go to "Sync", tick "Sync contacts with*". On the drop-down list, tick the first one "Outlook". Choose "All contacts" or select contacts from certain folders. And you can also choose the syncing direction: apply to both device and Outlook, apply to device or apply to outlook.

After that, press "Sync" button on the top right. Wait a few seconds, you can then find the synced contacts on your phone.

   Sync Samsung Contacts with Outlook via Kies


  • Syncing contacts with Outlook is a little different on Kies3. You can only sync contacts, calendar or task with Outlook and don't have the options of other email service providers.

  • To sync Samsung contacts with Outlook, you need to have Outlook installed on your computer.

Syncing Samsung contacts with Outlook is a great way for you to transfer important contacts information on Outlook to Samsung device. Go ahead and try it with Samsung Kies.

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