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Add Music/Photos/Videos to Galaxy Phone via Kies

By Carrie Murray, Friday, September 23, 2016

To add music, photos or videos to Galaxy phone, such as Galaxy S3/4/5/6, Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5, you shouldn't miss Samsung Kies, a tool to help your Galaxy phone communicate with computer and other Samsung devices. Here is the instruction of how to add media files to Galaxy phone via Kies.

Befor that, download Kies on your computer. For Galaxy phone running on Android 4.2 or older version, please install Samsung Kies on your PC; and Galaxy phone running on Android 4.3 and above is supported by Samsung Kies 3.

Samsung Kies is not applicable to the newest models of Galaxy series, such as Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 7. These devices may try SmartSwitch, an alternative of Kies .

To add media files to Galaxy phone, there are two methods available in Kies:

Solution 1:Add Music/Photos/Videos From PC

Samsung Kies allows you to add media files stored on your computer folder into Galaxy phone.

Step 1 Start Samsung Kies on your computer and connect your Galaxy phone to the computer with USB connector. After the program has detected your phone, the phone will show under the "Connected devices" section.

Connect Galaxy Phone to Kies 3

Step 2 Click "File">"Add file to Connected devices" or "Add folder to Connected devices", and from the pop-up window, choose the media file or folder you need. After verifying your choices, the program will then add the music, videos or photos you have chosen to your Galaxy phone.

Tip: You might also go to "Music", "Photos", "Videos" playlist, click "Add" button on the top and add media files from computer to Samsung phone.

Add Photos to Galaxy Phone via Kies 3

Solution 2:Add Music/Photos/Videos From Kies Library

Apart from adding media files directly from PC to your phone, you can also add the files to Galaxy phone by syncing from Kies Library. The Kies Library includes music/photos/videos you have added from computer to Kies.

On Kies, click "Sync" tab, under which you'll find "Multimedia". Tick "Sync music", "Sync photos", "Sync videos" and select the playlists that you want to sync to Galaxy phone. After that, click "Sync" button.

Kies Sync Feature


  • The syncing process could take a while depending on the size of media files on your Kies Library.

  • The syncing feature is not available on Kies 3.

Samsung Kies supports two-way communication, which means that you can also add music, photos, videos from Galaxy phone to computer or other devices.

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