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Whether to Jailbreak Your iPhone/iPad

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2017

To jailbreak or not, that has been a question for many iOS users. Here we conclude 5 reasons why you should jailbreak your iPhone/iPad and 5 reasons why you shouldn't. I am sure that you'll have your own answer about jailbreaking after weighing the pros and cons.

iOS Jailbreak

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad

Before jailbreaking your iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6/5s/5 or iPad Pro/Air/Mini, there are downsides about a jailbroken device that you should learn about first.

No.1 Security Vulnerabilities

Jailbroken devices use the exploits of iOS system to get rid of the restrictions imposed by Apple, which, on the other side, makes these iOS devices more vulnerable for security holes comparing to non-jailbroken devices. And as users enter Cydia to download apps that are unauthorized by Apple, their iPhone or iPad are easier to be get malware.

With a jailbroken iPhone/iPad, you are able to customize your device as the way you like, while you have to deal with the risk of keeping your device on the vulnerable version of iOS.

iOS Malware

No.2 Make iPhone/iPad Unstable

The jailbreak or the tweaks that you installed on the iPhone/iPad might cause troubles and make the device unstable. Some jailbreaks can be unstable, especially the beta jailbreaks for the latest iOS version, e.g. iOS 10. For example, after installing the jailbreak on your iPhone/iPad, the device may reboot randomly. And the little tweaks that you add can cause apps to crash. What's worse, fixing these issues could requires some knowledge and effort. If you are not a techie, it will be harder for you to figure out the problems on your own.

No.3 You are Left Behind iOS Updates

When a new iOS version is released, you can't update your iPhone or iPad immediately because you'll lose jailbreak after updating to the new version. So you have to wait for about several months until the hackers find a new exploit to jailbreak the new iOS system. And as Apple improves the iOS system security with each update, it becomes harder for hackers to find the holes.

iOS 10 was released on September while it was not until December that a workable jailbreak for iOS 10 is available.

iOS 10

No.4 Jailbreaking is Less Necessary

In earlier iOS versions, jailbreak was a hot topic because there are so much we couldn't do without jailbreaking the device. Now as Apple adds more and more new features to iOS system, many things that used to be only available on jailbroken device are now accessible by non-jailbroken users. For example, you don't have to unlock iPhone since there are SIM-free iPhone. And features like widgets, phone filters, multitasking, sharing data between apps has added to iOS. Therefore, jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad becomes less and less necessary.

No.5 Potential Data Loss

You may fail to jailbreak the iPhone/iPad and have to restore the device with iTunes. Or if anything goes wrong after you install a jailbreak or tweaks, a whole restore is often recommended as a useful method. Without proper backup, you will lose data after restoring. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery can you to find deleted data when restoring a jailbroken device.

5 Reasons Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad

People jailbreak the iPhone or iPad is to add more functionality to the device. And Cydia is the app that can help you to extend iPhone/iPad's functionality. After the device is jailbroken, a app labeled as "Cydia" will be added to the Home screen. It is basically App store for jailbroken devices, from which you can get paid and unpaid apps, tweaks, settings and features that are unavailable on Apple App store installed on your device. Generally people go to Cydia for these 5 reasons.

No.1 Customize Your iPhone/iPad

If you don't like the interface of iOS 10, you can easily change it on a jailbroken iPhone/iPad. Download and apply new theme for your iPhone/iPad; install theme apps to change themes as you like; add tweaks to customize the lockscreen, control center, Home screen icons, system fonts or other elements. You can personalize your iPhone or iPad and make it look nothing like the other millions of iPhone or iPad.

Cydia iPhone Themes

No.2 Remove Restrictions

iOS system has many restrictions, for example, you can't bluetooth files from iPhone/iPad to other devices like PC; also you can't pick your default apps other than Apple's own apps. But on the world of jailbreak, these restrictions can all be removed. Just search for the suitable apps or tweaks in Cydia.

No.3 Add New Features

Certainly iOS is added new features every year, but why keep yourself waiting when you can have the awesome features that you need right away. Want to lock certain apps with Touch ID and PIN?  Want to download images and videos from the Instagram feed to your device? Desperate for a file manager app or effective storage management app on your iPhone? How about setting up shortcuts to make your devices easier to use? Well, you can find all these new features from Cydia.

File Manger and Storage Clean Apps

No.4 Install Applications Rejected by Apple

App store bans some apps out of security reasons, but it also rejects some really great apps for God knows what reasons(mentioning Apple's direct competitors, UI design inconsistent with Apple's standard, etc.). You can find some of these apps on Cydia, for example, video game emulators, backup apps.

No.5 Troubleshooting Crash or Other Problems

When using a jailbroken device, sometimes you may install an incompatible app and your iPhone or iPad crashes, restarts randomly or freezes. There are many tools that you can get from Cydia to find the troublesome app and fix the problems.


Jailbreaking is the only way that you can get total control of your iPhone/iPad and customize the device to meet your personal needs. But before you actually jailbreak a device, it is important that you have fully aware of the downsides of jailbreaking and get prepare for any potential situations. The bottom line is: don't jailbreak your device just for jailbreaking; only jailbreak your iPhone or iPad when you know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Is there any other reasons that you think jailbreaking is a good idea? Will you get your iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus or other iOS 10 device jailbroken? Share your opinions below.

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