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How to Get the Latest Version of iTunes on PC/Mac

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, July 8, 2020

iTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, mobile device management utility, and the client app for the iTunes Store. 

With so many features, iTunes often goes wrong for different reasons. The simplest way to get iTunes back on track is to update it to the latest version. Sometimes for your new device or new system, you may also need to update your iTunes. 

What's the Latest Version of iTunes 

In 2019, Apple released iTunes 12.10.0, which is the latest version by now, to support updating of iPhones, iPads, and the seventh-generation iPod touch to iOS/iPad 13. 

For Mac with Catalina or Mojave system, iTunes had disappeared and it had been replaced by Finder, but its media library can be accessed via Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Books, and Apple Podcast app. The newest version has some of the same features as iTunes 12.7 released in 2017. For instance, the built-in App store, the synchronization of ringtones, and the management of the local applications are removed from iTunes, for focus on the management of media files. 

Install iTunes On PC

How to Get the Latest Version of iTunes on PC 

If you are using Windows, follow the steps below to update iTunes. 

Step 1 Double-click on the iTunes icon on your desktop to open iTunes. 

Step 2 Click Help in the top bar and choose to Check for iTunes Updates in the drop-down menu. 

Update iTunes

Step 3 An Apple Update window will appear, covering iTunes version information. 

If iTunes's latest version is available, tick the box beside the version and then click on Install 1 item. 


If this way doesn't work for your computer, try to download iTunes from the Microsoft Store. 

Generally, the iTunes version from the Microsoft Store will be updated automatically if the newest version is released. 

How to Get the Latest Version of iTunes on Mac 

If you are using earlier macOS (before macOS Catalina), follow the steps below to update iTunes. 

Step 1 Open the App Store app on your Mac. 

Step 2 Click Updates in the top bar of the App Store

Step 3 Check if iTunes’s latest version is available and click on Install. You can also update it from the "Check for update" button on the Mac computer. 

Check For Updates iTunes

How to Get the Latest Version of iTunes Online 

Once you download and install the latest version of iTunes online, the old version of iTunes on your device will be overlapped. 

Step 1 Open the Apple iTunes Download page below. 

Step 2 Click on the Download Now button. 

Step 3 When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file to start the install program and follow the instructions. 

Get an iTunes Alternative If the Latest Version Won't Solve Your Problem

If your iTunes goes wrong and updating doesn't solve your problem, maybe you can try FonePaw DoTrans. Simple but powerful, FonePaw DoTrans can act like iTunes with user-friendly features. You can download it here. 


FonePaw DoTrans is excellent in fast sync files, covering most formats and supporting many types of devices, so you can synchronize the data of your iTunes. Read and know more about it. 

1. Backup & Restore Contacts 

Contacts on iPhone or Android can be backed up and restored quickly. 

Backup Contacts

2.De-duplicate Contacts 

It's easy for FonePaw DoTrans to screen the repeated numbers or names on your devices. It's up to you to merge or delete them.

Delect Duplicate Contacts 

3.Create a Playlist or Album 

You can create a new playlist and add new songs to it just like in iTunes. Also, you can create a new album and add photos to it. 

4.Ringtone Maker 

If you want to make a personalized ringtone, add audio files into FonePaw DoTrans and set the starting and ending points. 

5.HEIC Converter 

As the default format of iPhone's photos, HEIC cannot be viewed directly in other devices. Convert HEIC image to JPG or PNG with FonePaw DoTrans so that you can view them anywhere. 

Heic Converter

6.Delete Items 

Select something useless and remove them from your devices on by one or in batch mode. 

7.View Device Information 

The software supports viewing information of iPhone/Samsung/Pixel, including name, phone model, OS version, capacity, free space phone number, and so on.    

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