Sync iPod with iTunes
Ultimate Guide to iPod Won't Sync to iTunes Problems

By Carrie Murray, Sunday, October 08, 2017

It is very frustrating when your iPod Touch, Classic, Nano, Shuffle won't sync music to iTunes. How to get your iPod sync songs to iTunes? And when the iPod won't sync with iTunes, How to fix? This ultimate guide is written to solve all these iTunes not syncing problems.&......

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Encrypt Your iTunes Backups
How to Encrypt Your iTunes Backups

By Emily Watson, Monday, September 11, 2017

Data security is of great concern all over the world nowadays in this era of data. That's why people should form such a good habit to regularly back up their iPhone/iPad/iPod. However, backups of content, official or private, are not supposed to be exposed to others. Thus, it......

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Unknown Error 54
Unknown Error 54 in iTunes While Syncing

By Emily Watson, Friday, May 19, 2017

"The iPhone/iPad/iPod [device name] cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54)."This alert message might come to you when you try to sync your iOS device with iTunes. When the error message shows up, you're prevented from continuing the process. Most of the t......

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iTunes Error 45075 on Window
[Fixed] iTunes Error 45075 on Window 10/8/7

By Emily Watson, Thursday, May 18, 2017

"Receiving error - 45075 when iTunes starts up in Windows XP. Any possible solutions?  Thanks."- Posted on Apple Communities.This thread has been posted for over 3 years so far with over 1250 users clicking on "I have this question too". To some extent, t......

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iTunes Error 9
Solutions to Fix iPad/iPhone Error 9

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2017

iTunes error 9 is not commonly seen as error 4013/4014, but once you come across the error, it is as tricky as the other errors. Like other iTunes errors, error 9 comes up when you try to update or restore your iPhone 4/5/6/7/8/X or iPad/iPad Mini/iPad Pro and iTunes says: iPhone......

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Cannot Connect to iTunes Store
″Cannot connect to iTunes Store″ Error [Fix]

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"Cannot connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error has occurred.""We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.""iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. Make sure your networ......

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App Store and Google Play
How to Get A Refund from App Store or iTunes

By Lois Green, Friday, June 24, 2016

Since there are so many ingenious apps coming out on App Store or Google Play every day, some would catch our attention and arouse our desire to squander money. However, it happens that we by accident bought an App we did not intend to buy, or most of the time, we bought a freshl......

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Top 5 iTunes Alternatives for Mac

By Lois Green, Sunday, June 12, 2016

iTunes is a well-known tool that we can use to manage our iOS music. Some iPhone/iPad/iPod users use it to sync iPhone files between iPhone and PC, manage music, playlist and even listen to the music as a music player. However, some iOS users complain that it’s not user-friendl......

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Manage iTunes Backup
How to Backup Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Using iTunes

By Lois Green, Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lots of people are never aware of the importance of backing up their iPhone/iPad/iPod until data loss happened. You may lose your precious iPhone data in many situations, such as accident deletion, iPhone is stolen/lost/damaged or upgraded failure. If you are afraid of losing dat......

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Delete iTunes Backup
How to Fix iTunes Backup was Corrupt or Not Compatible

By Lois Green, Friday, May 12, 2017

When people tried to restore their iPhone from an iTunes backup, some found it stuck with a message saying that "iTunes could not restore the iPhone because the backup was corrupted or not compatible with the iPhone that is being restored". Don't Miss Out:Where......

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Choose Open Command Window
How to Change iTunes Backup Location in Windows 10/8/7

By Lois Green, Friday, February 19, 2016

"My C: drive is full (has only 2.5 GB free) and iTunes fails to backup my iPhone 6 (32GB) when trying to update to the new iOS 11. The OTA updates keep on failing as well. Can anyone tell me how I can change the default location of iTunes backup?"iTunes keeps the i......

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iTunes Not Syncing Music
5 Methods to Fix iTunes Not Syncing Music Issue

By Lois Green, Monday, February 15, 2016

From iOS 10 to iOS 11, many iOS users have reported the issue that iTunes can't sync music to iPhone. Some people say that the music sync sticks with messages like "Waiting to copy items" or "Waiting for changes to be applied." No matter how many times the......

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Email Authentication
How to Reset iTunes Password

By Lois Green, Tuesday, July 11, 2017

iTunes account forgot password, how comes?Forgetting password can be happened to everyone. Forgetting your iTunes password is not the exception. Since most people use the same Apple ID for all their Apple services, it makes having forgotten your iTunes password a particularly ser......

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Cut Music
How to Get Ringtones on iPhone with iTunes 12

By Lois Green, Monday, Jananry 25, 2016

If you are tired of iPhone existing ringtones but refuse to pay for an iPhone ringtone from the iTunes Store, then why not create the custom one by yourself. Though Apple hasn't made the process easy because it wants to sell you the ringtones from the iTunes Store, you can fo......

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Not Recognize in iTunes
iTunes Won't Recognize iPhone, iPad and iPod

By Emily Watson, Friday, Feb 27, 2015

Many users send emails to me about how to recover their lost data of iPhone, iPad or iPod with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery even when their devices cannot be recognized with iTunes. Generally I will explain that the priority is to fix the "iTunes cannot recognize iPhone"......

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Find iTunes Files
How to Find iTunes Backup Location on Mac and Windows

By Emily Watson, Friday, Jan 30, 2015

Many users are curious about where iTunes backups are stored on computer and how to access to these backup files. Generally speaking, once you connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes to back up, it will generate a backup file automatically on your computer. The next time ......

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Reset iPad
How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings

By Emily Watson, Saturday, September 30, 2017

Read this article if you find yourself in one of the situations: • You need to reset old iPad 2/Mini/Air for sale or giving away;• You need to restore disabled iPad since you forget iPad password;• Factory reset iPad to restore iCloud/iTunes backup.• iPad is fro......

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