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WhatsApp iCloud Backup Stuck: Couldn't Complete Backup

By Emily Watson, Friday, November 03, 2017

I was trying to back up WhatsApp data to iCloud. However, before long after I tapped on the "Back Up Now" button, there is a warning error saying that 'Couldn't complete backup. Tap "Back Up Now" or decrease the Auto Backup frequency.' I've done as suggested, however, nothing seems to work out. Any ideas?

Are you encountering the similar situation as the above case shows? It turns out to be a common trouble that comes to a number of iPhone users. Why is this happening? There are a few potential reasons.

1. iCloud have no enough storage.

2. Network error occurs.

3. Users did not give permission for iCloud to back up WhatsApp.

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Notes: Do These Before You Go Any Further

There are two feasible ways below. However, before you get down to them, you should really check out these things ahead of time.

1. Wi-Fi network is working well.

2. Make sure that your iCloud has sufficient storage.

3. Don't forget to authorize iCloud backup over WhatsApp in "Settings" > "iCloud" > Toggle on "WhatsApp".

4. Restart your iPhone and tap on "Back Up Now" button again.

WhatsApp iCloud Backup Failed

Method 1: Decrease the Auto Backup Frequency As Required

As prompted, there is a simple way to go is decrease the auto backup frequency. Perhaps the backup is too frequent for iCloud to handle these instructions. You should follow the steps below to lower the frequency.

Step 1. Launch your WhatsApp on iPhone.

Step 2. Select the "Settings" option on the lower right.

Step 3. Touch "Chats" and tap "Chat Backup".

Step 4. Tap "Auto Backup" and then switch it to "Daily".

Note that if you've already set the frequency to "Daily", you may consider disabling auto backup to see whether the problem is fixed.

Method 2: Alternative to Back Up WhatsApp to iCloud

If it still fails to back up your WhatsApp to iCloud, you may consider using other alternatives like iTunes or iOS Data Backup & Restore. To know how they work, you can follow these tutorials.

Alternative 1: Backup WhatsApp to iCloud via iTunes

Many know that iTunes is a way to back up iPhone to a computer or do an encrypted backup. However, seldom do people know that iTunes is an alternative to back up data to iCloud as well. Let's see how it works.

Step 1. Launch the latest version of iTunes on your Win/Mac.

Step 2. Hook up your iPhone to the computer via USB connector.

Step 3. Click the "Phone-like" icon to enter the summary page.

Step 4. Under the "Backups" title, highlight "iCloud" and hit the "Back Up Now" button.

Backup to iCloud via iTunes

Alternative 2: Backup WhatsApp with iOS Data Backup & Restore

iOS Data Backup & Restore is a freeware to back up iPhone/iPad/iPod with up-to-14 types of data supported including WhatsApp & its attachments. What's more, it allows users to protect the backup with an extra security layer of an exclusive password as well as easily access and preview the backup files anytime. To know your way around this software, let's dive in.


Supported Data:

| Photos | Videos | Audios | Messages | Contacts |

| Call History | Voicemail | WhatsApp | Notes | Calendar |

| Reminders | Safari History/Bookmarks | Voice Memos | App Document |

Step 1. Install iOS Data Backup & Restore

Above all, you should download and install iOS Data Backup & Restore on your computer. Then, launch the program and go to "More Tools" > "iOS Data Backup & Restore". Here list two options: iOS Data Backup and iOS Data Restore. Please give it a click over the left one.

iOS Data Backup & Restore Page

Step 2. Select WhatsApp to Backup

There are two modes to back up your iOS devices, of which respectively are "Standard backup" and "Encrypted backup". Pick one up and go with the "Start" button. If you want to protect your backup file with a password, you need to set a password that you can truly remember in mind.

Encrypt Backup

Now, you need to highlight types of data you want to backup, for example, "WhatsApp & Attachments" and click "Next" to select an output folder to store selected data from iPhone to a computer. You can select the default path in "Preferences" settings.

Choose Data Type

Step 3. Finish Backup

The backup process will complete in a while. The process bar will show you how it goes at the moment. When done, you will get a "Congratulations!" messages. The backup file is saved as a ".data" file which can only be opened and viewed via iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Backup Completes

If you don't upgrade your iCloud storage plan, the storage must be insufficient for all iPhone content. Therefore, it's a good idea to store desired data to your computer. You can freely back up them via iTunes or iOS Data Backup & Restore, but the former is not allowed you to look up the backup file. So, I assume your choice is settled, right?


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