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Tips to Change the Phone Number of WhatsApp on iPhone

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, March 01, 2017

WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook and Instagram are probably three apps that you've been using a lot every day. Don't buy that? Why not take a glance at the apps installed on your iPhone. I bet you have one of them at least. As a free and popular messaging app, WhatsApp plays a significant role in our social connections. However, due to any reason, you might switch to a new SIM card with a totally new phone number. It's recommended to associate your WhatsApp number with the new phone number. If you don't know how to do it, please read on. There is a full guide for you according to two cases.

Notes: Things You Should Know before Changing WhatsApp Number

Some people might not know how to check out which number your WhatsApp is associated with or just simply forget the phone number. In that case, you can launch WhatsApp and tap "Contact" option. Then, check your number on the top. Apart from that, there are three more things you ought to know about.

1. Nothing will changed but the number associated with your WhatsApp. You don't be afraid of any unexpected issue. Your profile information, groups and settings will stay unchanged.

2. Old number will be deleted. If you're worried about the possibility that someone might find and add your old phone number instead of new one. Take it easy. No one will see your old number in the list of WhatsApp contacts after being changed. Thus, others will not mistakenly add another person.

3. You can chat with friends on WhatsApp with your new phone number now, but if you also change to a new iPhone, I'm afraid that previous conversations might be lost. Thus, you should transfer WhatsApp messages to your new iPhone.

Things about WhatsApp

Situation 1: How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number with SIM Card?

Please make sure that your new number can receive text over Wi-Fi or mobile data for the reason that you will get a verification code from WhatsApp. Moreover, if you're unable to recite your number, please write it down instead. Now, let's follow the instructions.

Step 1. Launch "WhatsApp" on iPhone.

Step 2. Tap "Settings" option at the bottom.

Step 3. Select "Account" and choose "Change Number".

Step 4. Tap "Next" to proceed and enter both old and new number.

Step 5. Select "Done" and verify your new number with a 6-digit activation code.

Change WhatsApp Number

Situation 2: How to Change WhatsApp Phone Number without SIM Card?

In the case that you don't have your SIM card along with you, you can resort to Text Now, which is used for receiving the verification code.

Step 1. Install "Text Now" app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Run the app and associate with your new phone number.

Step 3. Follow the exact steps on the "Situation 1".

Step 4. At last, enter the activation code on WhatsApp, then it's all done.

Change WhatsApp Number without SIM

Extra: How to Delete Old WhatsApp Account?

However, if you want to permanently remove your old WhatsApp account rather than changing to your new phone number. You can follow these steps and get it done.

Step 1. Launch "WhatsApp" on iPhone.

Step 2. Go to "Settings" and then "Account".

Step 3. Select "Delete My Account".

Step 4. Please read the warning carefully.

Step 5. Enter your number and tap "Next". A feedback is optional.

Step 6. Tap "Next" and come to the last step - "Delete My Account".

Delete Old WhatsApp Account

So, please enjoy your new trip with WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp security is of great concern. I'd suggest you to enable Two-Step Verification as to improve the security of your account.


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