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How to Block & Unblock WhatsApp Contacts in iPhone

By Emily Watson, Thursday, March 09, 2017

There could be many reasons that you don't want to receive messages from someone on WhatsApp. Then blocking the contact is a great option. Unlike deleting a contact on WhatsApp, which removes the contact from both your WhatsApp's and phone's contact list, blocking a contact just move the contact to the blocked list and you'll still be able to get to the contact if you have second thought. Here are something you may want to know about blocking and unblocking WhatsApp contacts in iPhone.

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Part 1. What Happens When I Block Someone?

If you block a contact on WhatsApp, you will no longer receive messages, calls, status updates from him/her on WhatsApp. The contact might still send you messages or update his/her status, but WhatsApp will not deliver the messages/status to you. At the same time, you are unable to send messages, calls, status updates to the contact unless you unblock him or her.

To the contact, he/she will not get notification that he/she has been blocked by you. However, he/she will be unable to see:

  • Your last seen and online information;

  • Your status updates;

  • Your update to the profile photo.

Note: The contact will still be in your list of WhatsApp contact and phone contact when you block he or her.

Part 2. How to Block a WhatsApp Contact?

There are two ways to block a WhatsApp contact: block contact on contact list or add the contact to blocked list.

Block Contact on Contact List

WhatsApp Block Contact

1. Launch WhatsApp.

2. Tap "Contact" and navigate to the contact you want to block.

3. Tap the contact and choose "Block this Contact".

4. Tap "Block" to confirm your choice.

Add Contact to Blocked List

WhatsApp Add Contact to Blocked List

1. Launch WhatsApp.

2. Tap "Settings" > "Account" > "Privacy" > "Blocked".

3. Choose "Add New".

4. Select the contact that you want to block.

Tip: If the contact is not on your contact list, you can open the chat with the contact and tap "Block" on the bottom to stop receiving messages from the sender.

Part 3. How to Unblock a WhatsApp Contact?

WhatsApp Unblock Contact

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to "Settings" > "Account" > "Privacy" > "Blocked".

3. Tap "Edit" > red minus icon.

4. Tap "Unblock".

Now you chat with the contact on WhatsApp as usual.

Part 4. How Can I Tell If Someone Has Blocked Me on WhatsApp?

Out of privacy protection, WhatsApp won't notify users if someone are blocking them. But you can tell if someone has blocked you from these signs:

1. The messages you have sent to the contact show one check mark (indicating that the messages has been sent) instead of two check mark (indicating that the messages has been delivered).

2. You are unable to see the contact's last seen or online on the chat window.

3. You fail to call the contact via WhatsApp.

4. You don't see any update on the contact's profile photo.

If you see all these signs, it is highly possible that the contact is blocking you.

To learn about how to manage contacts on WhatsApp, click here. Share the post via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram if you find it useful.

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