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A New For You Tab in iOS 12 with Sharing Suggestions and Search Suggestion

By Lois Green, Tuesday, June 26, 2018

iOS Photo App is one of the most-frequently used apps in iPhone or iPad so Apple always works on optimizing it with more user-friendly features. In iOS 12, the For You Tab is improved with new sharing suggestions and search suggestions feature. The new things must be helpful for those users owning thousands of pictures on the device so they can locate certain images more quickly. Now, let's come to check the new feature on Photo app is a masterpiece or full of bugs.

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What's New with Photo App in iOS 12?

Photo Search

When you update your iOS device to the latest iOS 12 version, the Photo app will categorize the images in different events. Go to open Photo app and you will notice there is a search bar on the top side. You will be prompted to type something in the blank. Even though you have not typed completely, you will get the tips in the suggestion list so you're able to find what you need quickly. Here is simple guide to use Search Suggestion:

  1. Go to Photo app > Search interface. 

  2. Type the words or terms of place, food, people, event and more. 

  3. It will list the suggestions and you can select what you want, which is similar to search something in browser or Smart Search Bar in iPhone.

  4. Find the ideal photos to share or delete as you like.

Photo Search

Sharing Suggestions

There is another new thing with Photo app in iOS 12 and it is sharing suggestion in For You Tab which makes it easier to share images with friends or family. When you tap For You Tab, you can will get the suggestion to share the photo to specific contacts. Besides, it will figure out the persons in the photos. Thus, it would give you prompt to share to those persons.

After you have sent, the receiver will be suggested to share back, which is good for you to save the complete photo album in the specific event. Moreover, all shared photos will be kept in full resolution.

Sharing Suggestions

Note: Those fantastic new features in iOS 12 may attract you to update your device but the public version of iOS 12 has not been published so the beta version may be unstable. Please reconsider before updating. If you have updated and tend to downgrade to iOS 11, move to: How to Downgrade iOS 12.

Tip 1: Cannot Find Recently Deleted in Photo App in iOS 12?

Many users complained that the Recently Deleted Folder disappeared after upgrading to iOS 12. Is it a bug? 

No, the recently deleted photos album is still here but the location has been changed. Thus, you can go to Album page and scroll down to the bottom. The Recently Deleted Folder can be found.

Tip 2: How to Share Photos to Other Devices?

Once you cannot find the person in sharing suggestion, you can share your iOS 12 photos in other ways:

To iPhone/iPad: 

1. With AirDrop: Enable Airdrop and select ideal photos to share. Then, tap share and choose the receiver. It is simple but only support iOS to iOS device.

2. With FonePaw iOS Transfer: It is possible to transfer all photos in one click. Connect two iDevices to PC and select photos in the software to switch. It is compatible with various data types and allows you to move files among iPhone, iTunes and PC.

Share Photos Between iPhones

To Android phones:

With FonePaw Mobile Transfer: To switch files between iOS and Android, Mobile Transfer is a smart helper. Contacts, photos, videos, audios can be moved in one click. iOS to iOS and Android to Android can also be done with it.

Transfer Files Between iOS and Android

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