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iOS 11 WiFi Sharing: Share Wi-Fi Password with Friends Easily

By Lois Green, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

WWDC has not announced all iOS 11 features since the time is limited but we find lots of interesting functions in iOS 11 after installing it on iPhone/iPad. I think you shouldn't miss a really practical feature - Instant Wi-Fi Sharing. In this guide, I will show you what is Wi-Fi Sharing and how to share with your friends nearby, which is not the same as sharing hotspot while that focuses on sharing passcode.

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 What is Wi-Fi Sharing?

With updating to iOS 11, Apple has added two practical ways to ease your life in connecting your iPhone/iPad to network. The first one is to scan the QR code of Wi-Fi Router via QR code reader which is set on its native camera in iOS 11. The other one is Instant Wi-Fi Sharing.

If you see the new feature - Instant Wi-Fi Sharing on your iPhone or iPad, it is fantastic! You are able to share the Wi-Fi password to your friends or family members nearby so that they can join the network easily with the receiving password. Before the sharing, the two phones should be trusted with confirming the request. After accepting, the passcode field will be filled in automatically. Undoubtedly, this new feature is pretty much hassle-free in joining networks.

When Should You Use This Feature?

1. When forgetting the Wi-Fi password, you are still allowed to let others connect to your network in your house.

2. It makes you simply share the passcode, instead of telling the password one by one.

3. You can selectively send the private code if you don't want someone to get the password.


How to Get Wi-Fi Passcode with Instant Wi-Fi Sharing

Note: This feature only works for iDevices with iOS 11, so please make sure both the target phone and the source phone are in iOS 11.

Step 1. Request Access to Certain WLAN

Move to Settings > WLAN to select a Wi-Fi network, and there are two methods to make you access that network:

1. Know the password: import the passcode and tap "Join" to get connected.

2. Don't know the password: hold your iPhone/iPad near an unlocked iOS device or Mac that has the password.

Enter Passcode

Step 2. Send the Request

If you choose the second way to access the network, your iDevice will send the request to the other phone, also named the source phone, which is similar to the following pop-up. Only if your friend confirms and taps "Send Password", will you receive the password after a while.

Send Request

Step 3. Sharing Wi-Fi Passcode is Done

When you see "Complete", the password has been sent to your device. Hit "Done" on the source iDevice to finish this process.

Sharing Wi-Fi Passcode

Step 4. Start to Join the Network

The password field is filled in automatically. Just with a tap on "Join" button to get started with using this Wi-Fi.

Sharing Wi-Fi Passcode

Without jailbreaking, without third-party apps, without hassle... just in several seconds, you can use the Wi-Fi to surf the internet. Even though there are some bugs in this feature, I believe that it would be improved when the public version of iOS 11 comes out.

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