FonePaw for Android Includes:

Android Data Recovery; Broken Android Data Extraction; Android Data Backup & Restore

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iOS Bundles
FonePaw for iOS  Includes:

iPhone Data Recovery; iOS System Recovery; iOS Data Backup & Restore

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Do a Backup for iOS

Selectively Restore Data

Selectively Restore Data

Step 1: Connect iPhone to PC

Launch FonePaw homepage to choose iOS Data Backup & Restore on PC. Then connect your device to PC. If it asks you to tap Trust to get connected, please follow it.

Connect iOS to Computer

Step 2: Go into Homepage

When you enter the homepage of Backup & Restore, please click "iOS Data Backup" to get started.

Choose to Backup

Step 3: Begin to Back up

There are two option for you: "Standard Backup" and "Encrypted Backup". If you tend to protect the data on your iDevice, here suggest you to tick "Encrypted Backup" which will require you to set a password for the backup.

Click Start

Set Password

Step 4: Choose Data to Save

The data that you can deal with is showed on the screen so you are able to select what you what to back up now. After that, you should wait patiently for a while.

Choose Data Type

Step 5: Backup is Completed

When the backup is done, it will dispaly the name and the size of the backup file. Next, you can move to "Backup More" to save more items or to "Restore iOS Data" to transfer the data to PC or another iPhone/iPad.

Finish Backing up

Step 1: Move to iOS Data Restore

Select "iOS Data Restore" on the homepage of this feature in "More Tools".

Restore from Backup

Step 2: Select a Backup

There are many backup files on the list. Choose certain one and hit "View Now". When you cannot find the backup in the list, click "Select" to load the backup from your computer but you should remember the path to save that backup file.

Select Backup to Restore

Note: If what you selected is locked, please enter the password to remove the lock so that you can move to the next step to preview.

Unlock the Backup

Step 3: Choose Files to Restore

The program will analyze the backup. Then, you can preview all data one by one. Please make sure what you need and get it exported to your PC or device with clicking the corresponding button.

Preview Data

Step 4: Restoring Files from Backup

The data is being restored now and when it is completed, you can check the detailed information on the screen. Click "OK" to finish this process.

Restore Data