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Get Started with Instagram Direct on iPhone 7/7 Plus

By Emily Watson, Thursday, April.13, 2017

Instagram Direct has been introduced to users in 2013 available in both Andrpid and iOS operating system, which allows users to send and receive messages, photos and videos to/from friends or groups in a new way. However, the operations are a bit different on different platforms. If you're still using Instagram to share photos on the Feed for all those who're following you on your iPhone. Then, you have already gone out of date behind the times. Now, learn your way around Instagram Direct on your iPhone with the following parts.

Part 1: How to Use Instagram Direct Messaging on iPhone?

Actually it's simple to use this feature on Instagram. Moreover, you can send a message to a/multiple friend(s) at a time or the groups of your friends. Let's check the following steps.

Step 1. Launch Instagram with your Account logging in.

Step 2. Touch the icon at the top-right corner of Feed.

Step 3. Tap "Send Message" or "+ New Message" to continue.

Step 4. Select recipient(s) via tapping the circle behind the user(s).

Note that if you choose more than one friend, you can create a group of them.

Instagram Direct Messaging

Step 5. Tap "Next" to start a tread, then:

1. Type in on the message bar to send text.

2. Tap "Image" icon on the left to send pictures or videos from the gallery.

3. Simply send a heart shape by tapping the "Heart" icon on the right.

Instagram Direct Messaging

Part 2: What Contents You Can Send on Instagram?

Instagram is also a social messaging app like WhatsApp. Instagram Direct allows us to create a thread and send messages to one or more people who we're following. However, there are much more things than you thought that can be shared through Instagram, such as:

  • Text

  • Hashtags

  • Locations

  • Users' profiles

  • Posts you see in Feed

  • Photos or videos you capture

  • Photos or videos from your library

Content Can Send with Instagram Direct

If you don't know about this feature yet, just give it a shot. You would be loving it.


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