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How to Repost Photos on Instagram

By Carrie Murray, Friday, September 30, 2016

As a social media platform, Instagram, however, doesn't allow users to repost photos directly to their followers. Indeed, it is good for protecting the original work of the poster, but what if we really love the works of the original poster and want to share the photos with our followers? Thanks to the social media savvy, the problem has been resolved. Here are three easy ways to repost photos on Instagram.

Method 1: Repost Instagram Photos via Screenshot

This is probably the easiest way that you could think of. But make sure the screenshot includes the username of the original poster or your account may be banned for copyright problem.

Step 1 Take a Screenshot of the Post

On Instagram, find the photo that you want to repost and press HOME + POWER button to take a screenshot of the post. Crop the screenshot with the poster's username on it.

Crop Sreenshot Instagram Photo

Step 2 Repost the Photo

Now upload the screenshot to Instagram like you usually do. Add effect to the photo if you like. When typing the caption, you should add something like "repost from @username". You can also tag the original poster by tapping "Tag People".

Instagram Repost Screenshot

Method 2: Repost Instagram Photos via Embed Code

If you would like to repost the amazing photos that you see on Instagram to your blog or website, you may use the embed code of the photo. To do that, it is better that you open the Instagram photo on a computer browser.

  • Firstly, log in your Instagram account on a browser. Then find the photo you want to repost. Scroll down to the comment section on the bottom. Click  "..." > "Embed" to copy the embed code.

Instagram Copy Embed Code

When uploading new post on your blog or website, insert the embed code to the post. The photo will be displayed on your blog or website. When your readers click the photo, they'll be taken to the profile of the original poster.

Method 3: Repost Instagram Photos via Repost App

You may find the above methods inconvenient. The good news is, in the era of intelligence, developers are dedicated to provide easier solutions. To repost photo on Instagram, there are multiple repost apps to help you with that.

InstaRepost is one of the most popular repost apps in iTunes store. This free app is very easy to be used.

1. Download the application on your phone;

2. Find the Instagram photo you like to repost and copy its share URL;

3. Open the InstaRepost and paste the share URL on the blank, click "Preview";

4. Click "Repost" to repost the photo.

Repost Instagram Photo via InstaRepost

Next time you want to repost a great photo, try these three methods. And if you also have question about how to save Instagram photos on iPhone, click here.

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