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SOLVED: Notes Not Syncing with iCloud

By Carrie Murray, Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The iCloud syncing feature makes our life much easier. By using the iCloud syncing service, you can share Notes, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and so on across devices and the changes you made on one device would appear on all of your other iOS devices with the same account. For example, if you edit something in Notes, all of your notes, sketches, and lists, etc. will be kept up-to-date between iPhone, iPad, and Mac no matter which device you're using.

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However, some people reported that iCloud Notes not syncing between iPhone and Mac, iPad and iPhone or other iOS devices combinations and they have no ideas what’s wrong with it. So in this article, I will show you the some workable solutions to fix the issue that Notes not syncing properly across all your devices with iCloud.

Solution: Fix iCloud Not Syncing Notes Issue

Now, just check the following tips to troubleshoot iCloud syncing problem, which are also available even you are using the iOS 11 on your iPhone X/8.

Contact and Calendars Issue

Check if Your Device Is Storing Your Notes Locally

Checking if your device is storing your notes locally or not is the first thing you should troubleshoot. Just go to "settings > Notes > Default Account" and you will see there are two options: "On My iPhone" or "iCloud". If you choose "On My iPhone", your device would keep your notes locally and the data will not be uploaded to iCloud. In this way, you should make sure you have selected "iCloud" instead of "On My iPhone".

In addition, you should also make sure you have signed in iCloud with the same account on all of your iOS devices.

Make Sure the Version of iOS Is Up to Date

The different version of iOS on your devices can cause an inconsistency with the features of the Notes app and thus fail to sync the data. To solve the problem, you are advised to update all of the iOS to the latest version.

For your iPhone and iPad, you can go to “Settings > General > Software Update” to update your device.

For Mac computer, you can go to the Mac App Store to perform the process.

Make Sure Notes Syncing Is Enabled

If the Notes syncing is disabled on your iCloud, you data would not be sent to it. Go to "Settings > iCloud > Notes" and tap the toggle to turn it on. Wait for a moment and you can go back to check if it successfully synced or not.

Make Sure Notes Syncing Is Enabled

Sign Out iCloud and Sign Back

Trying to sign out of the iCloud and then sign back in can help to solve the Notes not syncing problem to some extent. When you fail to sync content on the device(s), you can do the sign in and sign out on the particular device(s). If it doesn't work, just try to perform the process on all of your devices.

Restart iOS Devices 

If you still fail to sync Notes to iCloud after trying all the solutions above, maybe you should reboot all of your iOS devices and try again. It sounds stupid, but it works in some cases!

Tips: Solve Notes App Doesn't Back Up to iCloud

Some other users also reported that Notes app doesn't backup to iCloud. The reasons are various. If you have troubleshoot all of the possible causes and it still doesn’t work, you can try iOS Data Backup & Restore program, which is a professional tool to backup data such as contacts, iMessages, notes, photos, videos, podcast, and music, etc. from your iOS devices. You are allowed to backup all of the data in one click as well as selectively back up the specific data.

Now, with the iOS Data Backup & Restore, you can perfectly fix Notes app doesn't back up to iCloud problem. Besides, only backing up Notes App with iCloud is not supported and you need to also backup other data. But with the program, you can only select Notes to backup, which will make it much more effective. Want to learn more about how it works? Please head to this guide: How to Backup Notes on iPhone.

Solve Notes App Doesn't Back Up to iCloud

If you have any problem about this article, just leave us a message on the comment box!

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