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[Solved] iPhone Home Button is Unresponsive

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, Feb. 09, 2017

We can barely use iPhone without pressing home button, especially after iOS 10 has introduced "press home to unlock" feature. Unfortunately, it happens when home button becomes unresponsive. For some users, the iPhone home button is totally stop working. For others, the home button is slow to respond or only works normally for some of the time. Either way, you can try the following solutions to solve the unresponsive home button on your own. After all, it could be quite expensive to fix the problem in Apple Store.

iPhone Home Button

Why Home Button Not Working? Software or Hardware Problem?

Unresponsive home button is not necessary caused by hardware problem, it could also be a software problem. If there is software corruption, overload/crashes issue in the background of your iPhone, the Home button could also become less responsive or totally unresponsive.

As for hardware problem, there are different situations: iPhone home screen wears after years of use (which is more commonly seen in older models like iPhone 4s/4/3GS); home button is physically damaged after the device is smashed or wet; dusty or moist environment makes home button less sensitive.

If the home button stops working after the device is accidentally damaged, it is positive that the problem is caused by hardware damage. However, if you are not sure, why not try the solutions one by one?

Solutions for Unresponsive Home Button with Software Problem

1. Reboot iPhone

Turning iPhone off and on is the first method you should try, especially the unresponsive home button comes lately after your iPhone becomes slow, crashes quite a lot, updates to new iOS. Rebooting device can fix some software glitches and bring the device back to normal.

If home button is still unresponsive after the device reboots, go on fixing the problem with the following solutions.

2. Calibrate Home Button

This solution is especially useful to solve home button delays and makes the button more responsive.

To calibrate iPhone home button,

  • open any default app of iPhone, like Clock, Notes, etc.

  • Long press the sleep/wake button until the "slide to power off" appears.

  • Press and hold the home button until you return to the home screen.

  • The app you have opened should be closed. Now check if your home button works better now.

iPhone Calibrate Home Button

3. Backup & Restore iPhone

Restoring iPhone can fix most software problems. There are multiple methods to restore an iPhone:

  • Connect the iPhone to iTunes and restore the device;

  • Use the built-in reset option in iPhone Settings;

  • Restore iPhone in recovery mode/DFU mode.

Remember: a restore will delete all your iPhone data. It is important that you have backed up your iPhone before restoring. If any data gets lost after restoring, you may turn to FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery for help.

Solutions for Unresponsive Home Button with Hardware Problem

If none of solution above helps with your problem, maybe your home button is physically broken. However, this doesn't leave your no choice but sending the device to Apple Store. The following solutions could be helpful.

1. Clean Home Button

Dust or sweat makes the home button less responsive. So cleaning the button could fix the responsiveness problem. Using air duster to blow out the dust is simple and worth trying. And the iPhone home button can also be cleaned with 98 %-99% isopropyl alcohol, which can be bought from hardware stores.

2. Test Every Spot of Your Home Button

Sometimes, only some locations of the home button is working. Successively press the very top, the bottom, the left side, the right side of the button. Maybe there is a certain location that is working while others are not. Then you would know where to press when using the home button.

3. Use the Alternative: AssistiveTouch

You can use AssistiveTouch to simulate home button if the button is totally unresponsive.

Go  to "Settings" > "General" > "Accessibility" > "AssistiveTouch" and toggle on AssistiveTouch. The floating AssistiveTouch icon will appear, tap the icon and choose "Home" to replace the physical button.

Replace Home Button with AssistiveTouch

For more use of AssistiveTouch, check How to Use AssistiveTouch on iPhone/iPad.

Hope that your home button works fine now. If you have other solutions or problems, post them in the comments.


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