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Solutions for Google Play Store Error 505 in Android

By Lois Green, Thursday, July 27, 2017

When you try to update or install an app or game in Google Play Store, an error comes up saying "Unknown error code during application install: -505". The error 505 is especially common in devices that recently update to Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. If you can't install apps/games because of Google Play Store error 505, try these solutions. 

Google Play Store Error 505

Why Do I See Google Play Store Error 505? 

There are several reasons that could caused the error 505 in Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, LG, Sony and more. 

  • The app that you try to install or update is incompatible with your Android OS version. That's why there are so many users get the error 505 after updating to Marshmallow/Nougat or flashing a new custom ROM.

  • There are two or more apps with duplicate permissions in your device. For example, the app that you try to install already has an old APK file in your /data/app folder before the installation.

  • There are conflicting apps on your device.

  • Outdated caches and data crash trigger the error 505 on your device.

  • Your Google Account is having problems syncing with your Android device

Solutions to Fix Google Play Store Error 505 

Solution 1. Clear Caches & Data 

Firstly, you can try clearing caches and data of Google Play apps. 

  1. Go to Settings > Apps/Application Manager.

  2. Choose Google Play Store and select Clear cache and Clear Data.

  3. Choose Google Play Service and select Clear cache and Clear Data.

  4. Choose Download Manager and select Clear cache and Clear Data.

Clear Cache and Data

Now launch Google Play Store and see if you can install or update apps. 

Solution 2. Adjust Android Settings 

Some users solve the error 505 by adjusting one of the following settings. 

Update the date and time: Go to Settings > Date and time, uncheck "Automatic date & time" and "Automatic time zone" and manually set the wrong date and time. Then go to home screen and go back to Date and time. This time manually set the correct data and time and recheck "Automatic date & time".

Manually Set Time Data

Enable Download Manager: Go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > Choose All apps > select Download Manage. If you see Enable, tap Enable; If you see Disable, you don't need to do anything.

Remount SD card: unmount and remove the SD card from your phone first and then re-insert the SD card. 

Solution 3. Reconfigure Google Account

Some users fix the error 505 by re-adding Google account on their devices. Also, if you are using the same Google account in multiple devices, you may want to remove the Google account from your other devices. 

  1. Tap Settings > Account > Google.

  2. Choose Google account and select "Remove Account".

  3. Restart your Android phone.

  4. Add your Google account back.

Remove Google Account

Solution 4. Uninstall Troublesome Apps/Games

If the error 505 pops up when you are updating certain apps via Google Play Store or APK files, you may want to uninstall the apps. 

  1. Open Settings > Application Manager or Apps.

  2. Choose one of the apps that fail to be updated, clear its caches and data and then uninstall the app.

  3. Repeat the same process with other apps that can't update.

  4. Turn your phone off and on.

Android Uninstall Apps

When your phone is on, open play store and try to reinstall all the apps that have been removed. 

Solution 5. Uninstall Conflicting Apps

If you have multiple apps that perform the same task on your Android device, for example, you have installed two banking apps with the same credentials of you, the apps could cause conflict. Try to uninstall one of the apps. 

Solution 6. Reinstall Play Store Updates 

The error 505 could happen when your Google Play Store app is outdated. You can update the app in these steps: 

  1. Launch Settings and choose Application Manager or Apps.

  2. Tap Google Play Store and choose Uninstall updates.

  3. Tap OK to confirm your choice.

  4. Then open the Google Play Store app and go back to Home Screen.

  5. The Google Play Store will automatically update to the newest version when there is a network connection.  

Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

Solution 7. Factory Reset 

If the above methods all fail to fix the error 505 on your device, you may want to factory reset your phone so that all APK files, corrupted caches and data will be cleaned out from your device. 

  1. Backup your phone to Google Drive or other cloud storage.

  2. Go to Settings > Reset > Factory data reset.

  3. All data on your device will be wiped out.

Factory Reset Android

Now you can restore the backup and reinstall all apps that you need from Google Play Store. 

1. If you have recently updated Adobe Air app on your device and then get error 505, you may want to downgrade the Adobe Air app version.      
2. If you have trouble in installing or updating Amazon apps, you may find it helpful to enable Audible app on your phone.

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