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iPod Touch Frozen and Won’t Turn off, How to Fix?

author Lois Green
date Thursday, August 31, 2017

My iPod Touch 5th generation is frozen and the screen doesn’t respond to my touch. I pressed the power button and it won’t turn off. How can I unfreeze my iPod Touch?

iPod Touch is an iPhone-like iPod. And just like iPhone, iPod Touch sometimes gets frozen on home screen, lock screen or gets stuck on Apple logo and won’t turn off or lock. When this happens, you can fix the frozen iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th generation in these steps.

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1. Restart iPod Touch

When your iPod Touch freezes and doesn’t respond when you touch or tap the screen, the first thing you may want to do is restarting the iPod.

  • Press and hold the Power button and swipe the slider to turn the iPod off.
  • When the iPod Touch is in black screen, press the power button to turn it on.

If the iPod Touch won’t turn off or lock when you press the power button. Move on to the next step.

2. Hard Reset iPod Touch

When a iPod Touch stops working, you can try to fix the frozen iPod by hard reset/force reset it. To hard reset iPod Touch 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st generation:

  • Press and hold both the Power and Home buttons for at least ten seconds;
  • Let go the two buttons when you see the Apple logo on your iPod Touch screen.

Force Restart iPod Touch

3. Update Firmware or Restore iPod Touch

If your iPod Touch is still unresponsive after the above steps, you can try to connect the iPod to iTunes and update its firmware. This is especially helpful when your iPod Touch is frozen on lock/home screen.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer. It is better to use the computer that your iPod Touch usually syncs to.

  • Connect your iPod Touch to iTunes to via USB cable.

  • When the iTunes detects your iPod, choose the device. (If iTunes doesn’t detect your iPod Touch, jump to the step 4 or 5)

    Restore iPod Touch with iTunes

  • On the Summary section, click Check for Update. If there is any update, update the firmware of your iPod Touch.

  • If there is no update or the iPod Touch screen is still frozen after updating firmware, reconnect iPod Touch to iTunes and choose Restore this time.

Please note that restoring iPod Touch with iTunes will restore the iPod to its factory settings, which means all your music, videos, apps, and other contents on the iPod will be erased. Please make sure you have the backup of data in iPod Touch before restoring the device.

4. Update/Restore iPod Touch in Recovery Mode

If your iPod Touch is stuck at Apple logo after update or iTunes doesn’t recognize the frozen iPod, try to update or restore your iPod in recovery mode.

  • Connect iPod Touch to computer and launch iTunes on the computer.

  • While your iPod Touch is connected, press and hold the Power + Home buttons at the same time until you see the connect to iTunes screen like the following.

    iPod Touch Recovery Mode

  • iTunes will pops up a notification with two options: Restore or Update.

  • Choose Update. iTunes will reinstall iOS on your iPod Touch and won’t delete any of your data.

  • If the iPod Touch is still in frozen screen after update, choose Restore. This time iTunes will erase all your data in iPod Touch and reset it to factory state.

5. Fix Frozen iPod Touch without Data Loss

If iTunes won’t recognize your iPod Touch or iPod Touch won’t restore in recovery mode, there is another tool that can fix your frozen iPod - Passvers iOS System Recovery.

Passvers iOS System Recovery (opens new window) is a software designed to fix iOS devices with system problems, such as iPod Touch in frozen screen or get stuck at Apple logo. Compared to iTunes, iOS System Recovery can fix frozen iPod Touch without erasing your data and the program is smaller in size.

  • Download iOS System Recovery on your Windows/Mac computer.

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  • Open the program and go to More Tools > iOS System Recovery.

  • Connect your frozen iPod Touch to the computer. Click Start to let the program to begin fixing your device.

    iOS System Recovery Homepage

  • The program will detect that your iPod Touch is in abnormal state. Click Confirm to continue.

  • Follow the instruction of the program to put your iPod Touch in Recovery Mode.

    Put Device in Recovery Mode

  • The information of your iPod will then be displayed. Please make sure it is correct. And then click Repair.

    Device Information

  • Wait until the repairing is completed and your iPod Touch restarts.

I believe your iPod Touch is working now. If you have more question, feel free to leave your comments below.