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iPod Touch Is Disabled, How to Unlock with/without iTunes

By Carrie Murray, Saturday, October 07, 2017

Updated on Sunday, September 29, 2019

"iPod Touch is disabled, try again in 22, 656, 990 minutes." 

"iPod Touch is disabled, connect to iTunes." 

This was what you saw after leaving an iPod Touch to a little kid for a couple of minutes. The iPod has been disabled after too many wrong passcode entries. It is terrible, but don't worry, you can still unlock the disabled 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th generation iPod Touch with these methods. 

iPod is Disabled Connect to iTunes

Restore Disabled iPod Touch with iTunes

If you have synced your iPod Touch to iTunes, the most direct way to unlock the disabled iPod is restoring the iPod via iTunes. By this way, all data on your iPod Touch, including its passcode, will be erased. But you can make a backup beforehand so that you won't lose data after the restore.

  • Connect your iPod Touch to the computer that you synced with.

  • Launch iTunes and let iTunes sync your iPod and make a backup.

  • Once the backup is done, click Restore in Summary Panel.

  • When the restoring reaches the Set Up screen, choose Restore from iTunes backup and select the backup that you just made.

Restore iPod Touch with iTunes

However, if this is the first time that you sync your iPod Touch with iTunes, the iTunes will ask for a passcode. If you forgot the passcode, here is what you should do. 

  • Run iTunes on your computer and connect your iPod Touch to the computer.

  • While the iPod is connected, press and hold the Sleep/Wake + Home buttons at the same time until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPod as below.

iPod Touch in Recovery Mode

  • iTunes will pop up a notification for you to update or restore your device.

  • Choose Restore and iTunes will reinstall software on your iPod Touch. All data will be gone after the iPod is enabled.

Unlock A Disabled iPod Touch Without iTunes

If iTunes can't restore your disabled iPod Touch 1/2/3/4/5/6, you can use the following alternative to unlock the disabled iPod in an easier and more effective way. 

FonePaw iOS System Recovery can fix locked/disabled/dead/frozen/bricked iPod Touch in a more simple way. 

  • The program won't ask you for passcode while iTunes does sometimes.

  • It can fix disabled iPod Touch in Recovery mode or DFU mode, under which all iOS devices can be restored from any state.

  • It provides a step-to-step guide through the whole repair process.

Follow these steps to unlock your iPod Touch without iTunes. 

Step 1. Download and install iOS System Recovery on Wins/Mac. Run the program. 


Step 2. Plug the disabled iPod Touch into the computer and click Start

Click Start

Step 3. The software should detect that your iPod is disabled. Select Advanced Mode and click Confirm to continue. 

Standard Mode or Advanced Mode

Step 3. Put your iPod Touch in Recovery mode or DFU mode following the guide on the program. 

Put Device in DFU Mode

Step 4. The program will then display the information of your iPod Touch. It is important for you to make sure the info is correct. 

Step 8. Click Repair if you have verified the info. The program will begin to unlock your iPod Touch. After it is unlocked, the iPod Touch will reboot and can be used again. 

Check iPod Touch Info

Note: All data will be erased after the repair. If you have a backup, you can restore the iTunes/iCloud backup when setting up the iPod Touch later.

Fix A Disabled iPod Touch Without Computer

If you don't have access to a computer right now, there is a way allowing you to fix the disabled iPod without a computer: erasing the iPod Touch with iCloud. 

Tip: to use iCloud to remove passcode on iPod Touch, you need to enable Find My iPod Touch on your iPod before the device is disabled. 

Enable Find My iPod

To restore iPod Touch with iCloud: 

  • On a device (iPhone/iPad or others) with internet access, open a browser and navigate to

  • Sign in with your Apple ID.

  • Click All Devices and select your iPod Touch 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th generation.

  • Choose Erase iPod Touch. It will erase your iPod Touch, including its passcode.

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